Edvard Benes‘ star will be revealed on the Slavia walk of fame
29.10.2018, Redakce

Edvard Benes‘ star will be revealed on the Slavia walk of fame

Slavia will reveal another star on the club Walk of Fame in Eden. It will belong to Edvard Beneš – one of the founding fathers and second president of Czechoslovakia, who used to play football for the red-whites.

The ceremonial will take part before the game against Dukla Prague on Monday, 29 October as part of celebrations of 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia. Edvard Beneš is also pictured on 2018-19 season tickets together with other famous Slavia members – politicians, artists and others.

Edvard Beneš played football for Slavia as a left winger during his secondary school education between 1901 and 1904 – using different names as his teachers condemned football as dangerous and harmful entertainment. He spent most of his time in Slavia as member of the third team playing friendly and exhibition games on the Czech countryside. His sports career was stopped in 1904 due to broken leg from one of the matches.

Beneš later became one of the “founding fathers” of independent Czechoslovak republic and played significant role in its separation from Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. He was twice elected president of Czechoslovakia (1935-38 and 1945-48), acted also as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Czechoslovak Prime Minister. He remained member of the club (and regularly payed his dues) until his final days in 1948.


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