Roma at home: Information for fans

Eden Arena, completely sold out, is set for one of the highlights of the autumn. Before the match against AS Roma, come and enjoy Italian wine and pizza and join the fan zone for a a lot of pre-game fun!

The fourth match of Group G against AS Roma kicks off on Thursday, November 9, at 18:45 at Eden Arena. The match is entirely sold out, and we warn fans to be cautious of fraudulent advertisements offering tickets to the game. The stadium will open at 17:15.

Ticket Information

  • Tickets The match is sold out, and no more tickets will be available for sale.
  • Ticket booths at entrance no. 2 will be closed on Thursday.
  • At the ticket booths at entrance no. 4, it will be possible to pay for changing the discounted tickets into the standard ones. We remind fans that ticket validity will be checked when passing through the turnstiles to verify eligibility for the discounted ticket.
  • At the ticket booths at entrance no. 4, you can purchase tickets for matches against Olympique Lyon, České Budějovice, and Mladá Boleslav.
  • Every visitor, including children, must have a valid ticket to access their seat.
  • Beware of scammers! The only official ticket seller is Ticketportal; the club cannot guarantee or verify the authenticity of tickets purchased outside this sales channel.

Take the Train to Slavia

You can travel to and from the match by train! In collaboration with České dráhy (Czech Railways), Slavia ensures the strengthening of certain train connections and additional stops for other trains right at Eden. Before the match, the R716 Vltava train will stop at Eden at 15:05, the R714 Vltava train at 16:05, the R712 Vltava train at 17:05, and the R708 Vltava train at 18:05.

After the match, the capacity of the Os2566 train departing at 20:57 and the Os2568 train departing at 21:27 from Eden towards Hlavní nádraží will be increased. The capacity will also be increased for the Os9165 train towards Benešov departing at 20:59 and the Os2571 train towards Benešov departing at 21:29 from Eden. The R733 Vltava train will also stop at Eden at 20:54.

In Eden, the S9 train line stops every 30 minutes in both directions, running between Prague Main Station and the Central Bohemian towns of Říčany, Strančice, Čerčany, or Benešov u Prahy.

Shuttle Transport between Černý Most and Eden

We established a trial shuttle transport service in cooperation with the Dopravní podnik (Prague Public Transport Company) between Černý Most and Eden.

At Černý Most, you will find a stop right next to the P+R parking lot, heading towards the city center.

Buses from Černý Most to Eden will depart at 15:15, 16:15, and 17:15. Buses from Eden to Černý Most will run at 20:55 and 21:15 from the Slavia - Nádraží Eden bus stop (towards Želivského).

We provide this transportation service for our fans free of charge; there is no need to purchase a ticket.

Matchday Program

Two Air Zones

You can find an Air Zone not only in front of entrance no. 2 but also in front of entrance no. 4. The Air Zones serve as spaces for fans to purchase refreshments and also for smokers during halftime.

You can use the Air Zone areas from the 30th minute until the 70th minute. We kindly request fans to use Air Zones exclusively for smoking during the match. Security agency members in marked vests will patrol the corridors and warn violators of the no-smoking policy within the stadium. Please be aware that violating this provision of the Visitor´s Regulations may result in a fine of 10,000 Czech crowns.

Please note that, for security reasons, once you leave the Air Zone, you cannot re-enter the Air Zone or the match.

Italian-themed Food

Our #SlaviaFest fan zone will open its doors at 15:45.

At entrance no. 2, you can enjoy refreshments from food trucks such as Prague Jerk Station offering burgers, tacos, and fries, Steel & Wood with chicken wings, burgers, BBQ, and tacos, and Black Fries providing fries and hot dogs.

For the match against AS Roma, you can savor snacks from the land of our opponent! This time, Mate´s Pizza Truck (fan zone at entrance no. 4) will offer pizza, and Le Pizze di Frankie will serve prosecco, Italian wine, and coffee (fan zone at entrance no. 2).

If you have a sweet tooth, has prepared donuts in Slavia´s colors and various other types of donuts for you. You can also enjoy langos, currywurst with fries, and ground meat at the stands. At the bar, you can purchase beer from Pivovar Bašta.

At entrance no. 4, there will be a tap from Lobkowicz Brewery, and Bistro u Kačenky food truck, a Pepsi stand with non-alcoholic beverages, and a grill serving sausages and hotdogs will be ready.


  • At the stands on the platform at entrances no. 1, 2, and 4, in addition to three different sausages in baguettes, you can also find ground meat and a cigar in a baguette.
  • At the cafés near entrances no. 1, 2, and behind sector 124, you can purchase mulled wine and tea.
  • At the stands near entrances no. 1 and 2, we will be serving beer for fans using the beerjet technology. This season, we are serving Slávistická beer with an alcohol content of 11°.
  • The deposit for the cup has been increased to 60 Czech crowns.

A new feature is the option for cashless return of the cup deposit. At stands where both cash and cashless payments are accepted, both options for returning the deposit will be available, meaning cashless and cash. At cashless stands in the corridors and fan zones at entrances 2 and 4, cup deposit can only be returned cashless. To get your cashless deposit refund, have your payment card ready, and the deposit will be refunded and credited to it within two working days.

We want to inform fans that card payments are accepted at all stands, and cash is only accepted at certain stands. The cashless stands are marked with signs indicating card payments only. Cashless stands are marked in red on the map. We believe that the transition to card-only payments at the stands will expedite the process of purchasing refreshments and serving fans in a shorter time.

Entry to Eden Arena

  • The gates of Eden Arena open one and a half hours before kickoff, which means at 17:15.
  • Eden Arena is equipped with turnstiles that scan QR codes. It´s not necessary to print your tickets; simply scan the QR code from your E-ticket on your mobile phone.
  • For entry to the stadium, use the entrance specified on your ticket. Your ticket won´t work at a different entrance.
  • Fans are reminded of the prohibition on entering Eden Arena with cardboard signs requesting jerseys.

Transport and Parking

Parking options around Eden Arena are very limited, so we recommend using parking facilities in shopping centers near the stadium.

We recommend public transportation for all fans. To get to the match, consider taking Metro Line A, with exits at the Želivského or Strašnická stations, both within a 10-minute walk to the stadium.

Directly at the stadium, there is the Prague - Eden train station. Trains run from Prague Main Station to Benešov and from Benešov to Prague Main Station, stopping twice an hour in both directions at Eden.

Slavia, in collaboration with the Dopravní podnik, has prepared enhanced public transportation services after the match. From around 9 PM, there will be increased service at the Slavia stops (Tram 22 to Nám. Míru – I.P. Pavlova – Karlovo nám. and Bus 136 to Letňany). However, due to expected traffic congestion in the immediate vicinity, we recommend a short walk to the nearest metro stations or using train transportation.

  • If you are driving to the match, you can use the covered parking lot opposite the stadium at NC Eden. Center visitors have 2 hours of free parking each day. Every additional hour will be charged at 60 Czech crowns. After the parking lot renovation, the exit has been expanded, allowing for quicker departures from the garage.
  • Another parking option within public transportation reach is the OC Atrium Flóra. Parking is free for either 1 or 3 hours depending on the time of day, and 50 Czech crowns are charged for each additional hour.
  • One of the options is parking at the Vivo! Hostivař shopping center, which is free for an unlimited time. You can reach Eden in 12 minutes by taking Tram 22.
  • If you are traveling to Prague from a greater distance by car, we recommend using park-and-ride (P+R) parking lots in the surrounding areas of Prague and using public transportation to reach the stadium. The nearest P+R parking lots are at Metro Line A´s terminal stations: Depo Hostivař and Skalka. The capacity of parking lot P2 behind the stadium is fully exhausted.

For bus parking, use the parking lot on U Seřadiště Street, which is a five-minute drive from the stadium.

Bicycle racks can be found near the hotel between the ticket booths at entrance no. 2 and the hotel entrance, as well as at the barrier at the entrance to parking lot P1. Please note that the club is not responsible for bicycles left unattended.

Luggage Storage

We remind you that bulky luggage is not allowed into the stadium. Backpacks, suitcases, travel bags, laptops, and other items that, according to the Eden Arena Visitor´s Regulations, cannot be brought into the stadium can be stored in the luggage storage located at the Výdej čestných vstupenek near ticket booths no. 4. It will be open from 17:15, and you can retrieve your belongings an hour after the match ends. The storage fee is 50 Czech crowns for smaller items (backpack, laptop) and 100 Czech crowns for larger items.


Third Consecutive Preseason Win Against Podbrezová

Slavia extended their streak of preseason victories to three by defeating Slovakian team Podbrezová 4-2 in Rohrbach. Against the sixth-place team from last season´s Niké League, they turned the score around in the second half with goals from Wallem, van Buren, Pech, and Botos.

Victory Over Rapid Secured by Fila, Vorlický, and Chaloupek

Slavia´s third opponent in their preparations for the new season was Rapid Vienna. In the first half, Daniel Fila opened the scoring, and in the second half, Lukáš Vorlický scored after a beautiful play, followed by Štěpán Chaloupek at the end of the match. Thanks to their goals, the red-and-whites won 3-0.

Scalp of the Polish Vice-Champion, Diouf and Botos Score

In their second preparatory match, Slavia defeated the Polish vice-champion Śląsk Wrocław 2-0 in Aigen. The opening goal was scored by Malick Diouf, and in the second half, new addition Giannis-Fivos Botos also scored for the first time.

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