Great victory! Slavia beat Barcelona in Youth League

Slavia U19 came from behind after early Barca opener and won 3-2 thanks to Toula´s goal from 88th minute.

UYL: Slavia U19 lost to Barcelona

Slavia U19 lost 0-4 home to Barcelona on Wednesday afternoon. The Red Whites played well in the goalless opening half but Barca youth dominated the second.

Youth League Slavia v Barcelona: Information for fans

Slavia U19 will play FC Barcelona in MD3 of UEFA Youth League. The game on Wednesday takes place in Horní Počernice training centre.

Slavia defeated Dortmund in the UEFA Youth League

Slavia U19 managed to seize 3 points in their first home game of UEFA Youth League. Joao Felipe secured one-goal victory in the second half.

Two penalties shaped the Youth League defeat

Slavia U19 lost their opening game of UEFA Youth League 0-4 to Inter Milan. Two strict penalties shaped the result, Sebastiano Esposito scored twice in the first half.

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