Owner of the club

Fulleren a.s., a company owned by Pavel Tykač, holds 99.98% of club shares and 100% of Eden Arena shares.

Pavel Tykač is a 59-year-old major Czech entrepreneur and investor. Forbes ranks him among the TOP 300 wealthiest people in the world. He graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague and gained an engineer’s degree in 1987.

He’s the ultimate owner of the Sev.en Group which trades in commodities, mining and energy production in Europe, Australia, USA and Asia. Sev.en belongs to the most prominent energy groups in the Czech Republic.

Pavel Tykač and his second wife Ivanka raised eight children and live in Switzerland and Prague. They established a charity organisation called Women for Women helping mothers in challenging life situations. They are also donors of Oxford University, supporting teaching of Czech, and the establishment of a private CEVRO university.

Pavel Tykač used to play table tennis professionally at a young age. Nowadays, he plays badminton and also enjoys cycling and long-distance running.