SK Slavia Praha Youth Academy

Producing top talent for the oldest football club in the Czech Republic, the Slavia Youth Academy is an integral part of SK Slavia Praha. The goal of the academy is not only to produce players able to compete in the Slavia A-Team or in the Czech national team but also at elite international level. In order to meet this goal, the Academy creates and provides necessary facilities and infrastructure as well as high-quality, professionally educated coaches capable of developing future professional players.

The Slavia Youth Academy comprises of the B-Team, professional development teams U19-U16, youth development phase teams U15-U12 and the foundation phase teams U11-U6. Slavia also offers a “football kindergarten” project for the U5 category. All 16 teams are managed and guided by 90 coaches, head coaches, team leaders, specialists (fitness coaches, goalkeeper coaches, light athletics and gymnastics coaches and Coerver coaches), scouts, kit managers, masseurs, physiotherapists and doctors.

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Slavia focuses on raising excellent football players but we also place a great emphasis on our players’ academic growth. We strive to merge high-quality training procedures with a school curriculum developed by our educational partners. These partners are based at the elementary school ZŠ Eden, where our players take PE classes, the secondary vocational school SOŠ Jarov (Sports Management programme) and the sports high school Sportovní gymnázium Přípotoční. Last but not least, we also collaborate with the University of Physical Education and Sports Palestra that helps the players appropriately combine demanding football training with university education.


We cooperate with numerous football stakeholders, for example, Coerver coaching which focuses on technical skills.

Homegrown players

Throughout its existence the Slavia Academy has raised dozens of outstanding players, for instance Vladimír Šmicer, Pavel Kuka, Radek Černý, Marek Suchý, Tomáš Necid, Jakub Jankto, Alex Král, Jaromír Zmrhal, Tomáš Souček and many others. The Academy and its management work tirelessly on the key task of growing the ranks of successful homegrown players produced by the club.