Miroslav Stoch is on fire! Fantastic half-line goal against Shakhtar
04.02.2018, Redakce

Miroslav Stoch is on fire! Fantastic half-line goal against Shakhtar

DUBAI - A goal worth an attention. FIFA Puskás Award Winner for the best goal of the year 2012 Miroslav Stoch is still showing that he did not forget anything of his skill. His goal against Shakhtar Donetsk from his own half gained an international attention again!

"It is fantastic feeling. And I must say that this is for the first time I managed to score such a goal. I have been dreaming about it, thinking about it and waiting for the chance. I did it against Shakhtar and I am glad to do so," Stoch said after the game with Ukrainian champions which Slavia eventually lost 2-3.

"We had a free kick after a foul on our own half. I try to follow the goalkeeper in most games, how far he goes from the goal. And this one was extremely far. So I shouted on Jakub Hromada about three times to pass me the ball and I just tried to shoot quickly. And I was right, Pyatov was extremely far from the post so he had no chance to stop the ball. Thanks God I hit the goal," Stoch added breathing a sigh of relief.


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