Captain: The title we deserved

In his 200th league game for Slavia captain Milan Škoda could celebrate another title for the red-whites.
It is second Czech title with Slavia for Milan Škoda who joined the club in 2012. He was one of key players for 2017 title and captained the club in 2018/19 season which resulted for 19th title overall and 5th in independent Czech league for Slavia. Škoda played 28 league games so far this season and scored 7 goals. With his 200th league appearance in red-white shirt against Ostrava he became the modern-era record holder, defender David Hubáček is now second with 199 caps.

How did you enjoy the final minutes of the game in Ostrava?
“I was nervous, every time they got close to the box or when the ball was flying through it, you could have knocked me down with a feather. Initially I was calm on the bench but since Baník created some chances I was nervous. You can play well but you can also concede a stupid goal at the same time. And I am glad we made it.”

How do you feel with the title in your hands?
“Now it’s perfect. It’s all over. Not the entire season of course, but we kept our promise and got the title. That’s a load off our mind and we can concentrate on the MOL Cup.”

Is the title deserved in your eyes?
“I am sure the title is deserved. In compare with the one from 2017, just a few expected us to win that year. Maybe we haven’t played so well that season, but we knew what we are fighting for. I think that this title is fully deserved. I cannot even imagine that someone else would finish on top. It would be unacceptable for us.”

Was the role of the favourites more difficult than two years ago?
“It was. Our 2017 title was not expected, we were behind Plzeň and we had to fight till the last round. This season we were on top from the very beginning and we were 9 points ahead at some point, but this margin became smaller later. It would be huge disappointment if we failed to finish on top. But we could not admit that, and I am glad we became champions.”


We are halfway through, Boss says

The result is important for us, gives us chance to keep fighting for the qualification, says Jindřich Trpišovský after the first leg against Midtjylland.

All square before the Play-off second leg

před 2 dny
Slavia drew 0-0 home against FC Midtjylland in the first game of the UEFA Champions League Play-off.

I expect equal game, Boss says

před 2 dny
Slavia will face FC Midtjylland in UEFA Champions League Play-off on Tuesday night. “We have been thinking about three names in our line-up,” manager says.

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