Chytil: Applause goes to the team!

Mojmír Chytil entered the match against Pardubice (3-0) after halftime and demolished the opponents with three goals within eight minutes, setting a new record for the Czech league. The Czech top division does not remember a faster hat-trick!

You´ve rewritten the history books. What are your initial feelings?
"I´m very pleased that I managed to score three goals in such a quick succession, I appreciate it. But most importantly, I want to thank the guys who prepared them for me; all I had to do was put the ball into the net from promising positions."

Why did Pardubice´s defense remain impenetrable for so long?
"We played a decent game, dictating its tempo from the beginning and keeping the opponents under pressure. The first half offered plenty of promising opportunities, but we were always a little short. The first goal broke all resistance; from that moment on, we were more comfortable, and it became easier for us to play."

Once again, you´ve shown excellent orientation inside the penalty area.
"For the first goal, I have to appreciate Lukáš Masopust´s perfect cross; I was completely alone in the penalty area. The second situation was a bit more complicated. Lukáš Provod shot, and I suspected that the ball might slip behind the goalkeeper. For the third strike, I again owe it to an accurate pass from Provod; he set it up perfectly for me. Sometimes it just comes together, and it´s up to you to convert the chances offered. I´m very pleased that I succeeded, and we have three points."

You scored a hat-trick even in your debut in the national team jersey. Which one has greater value for you?
"Both have the same value for me. This was my third overall in my career, and I´m always immensely happy about it. The important thing is that it helped my team in those matches; I don´t want to put one above the others."

The trio of substitute players ensured the victory with their goals. Does that prove how strong Slavia´s bench is?
"During the winter break, no one left, so the whole team got used to each other. We all know what we have to play and where to find our teammates. The team is incredibly strong in every position. Everyone who steps onto the field can turn the game around."

You used to play in Pardubice; did it increase your motivation?
"I always look forward to matches against my former teams; I´ve played several of them already. I know a lot of guys in Pardubice, and I´m a big fan of them. I have very fond memories of my engagement in Pardubice; it gave me a huge boost for my career."

You´re gaining the form of your life before the European Championship; are you thinking about a nomination?
"I´ve already talked about it once. I certainly don´t go into a match thinking that I have to score a goal to go to the EURO. For me, the most important thing is to help the team. If my performances continue to improve, the invitation may come, but right now, I´m focused only on team success."

You´re missing one goal to reach the top of the scorers´ table. Is that another motivation for you in the remaining rounds?
"I don´t look at that ranking; the team table is important to me. I take each game as it comes and try to help the team so that we can all be successful together."


Win at Slovácko. Beauty from Provod, brace from Jurečka

Valuable victory after the international break! Slavia, thanks to a splendid strike from Lukáš Provod and two precise goals from Václav Jurečka, defeated Slovácko 3:1 in Uherské Hradiště. Jindřich Staněk conceded for the first time in his fourth league start for Slavia.

Slavia and Mohamed Ihattaren end their cooperation

Mohamed Ihattaren is no longer a Slavia player. The club and the Dutch midfielder have mutually agreed to end their cooperation.

Cup throwers have the opportunity to rectify their mistake

Forced interruption of the match, likely high penalties from UEFA, and disgrace for the entire Slavia. Such is the outcome of the behavior of some individuals during the home game against AC Milan, who decided to resolve their current frustration by throwing beverage cups or other objects onto the playing field.

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