Derby goals taste the best
18.09.2017, Redakce

Derby goals taste the best

PRAGUE/EDEN ARENA - One goal disallowed in the first half, the other proved decisive in the 288th Prague Derby. Milan Škoda scored his fourth goal against Sparta and contributed to the 2-0 victory on Sunday. “We are delighted, it was such a difficult game,” Škoda said with relief.

You scored two, but the first goal remained overseen by the referee. How did it feel?
“I don’t know what I should say. It is a pity. But we continued and we managed it though. I think everyone should see the goal, even the opposite stand. The linesman should see it, of that I am sure.”

You are doing well in last Derbys, you have scored your fourth goal on Sunday?
“These games are amazing. I am glad that I can be so productive in Derbys. Those goals against Sparta taste the best!”

Do you think you would score even without Zahustel’s deflection?
“Hard to say, but I think I would. The ball was aiming for the net. But I don’t know whether it would aim so high. I thought the goalkeeper would go in front, we did not exercise such a free kick with Mino Stoch but he thought this could go well. The goalie than does not know whether to run or to stay on the line. And it worked well.”

Did the Sparta performance surprised you? They did not create any good chances?
“But it was an equal game at some stages even though Sparta did not create chances. We should have a one-goal lead in the first half but we also had other chances. I think we deserved to win.”

Was it an important game because of Plzeň and their 6-point lead?
“Of course, this game was of extreme importance. Not just because of the table but also because of its prestige and because of fans. The three points are extremely important.”




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