Great game, great challenge

“We have new young players with great potential. We believe we can succeed here,” says assistant manager Jaroslav Köstl before the UECL against Fenerbahce.

On the absence of manager Jindřich Trpišovský

“It is an unusual situation. But in the past all decisions were made by the entire coaching staff, all of us. So, now we are consulting everything with him as well. We called each other on Wednesday, before and after the training, and we well have a call on Thursday. We just haven’t spoken about our communication during the game yet.”

On Fenerbahce

“It is a great honour for us to play with such a big club as Fenerbahce and on such a beautiful stadium. It is a great challenge, and it will be a great game. We have been watching Fenerbahce from the end of the last year when we knew we would play against each other. They changed the manager, and the team was different then, but the top players remained there. The team is very dangerous up front with players like Valencia. But we are prepared. Their offensive is great, but we might find some problems in the defence, and we will try to utilise them.”

On Slavia prospect

"Most people would say that Fenerbahce are the favourites. We will try to turn this around, to change the odds before the second leg."

On the departures of Kuchta and Stanciu

“It does not worry us, we got used to the fact that our best players leave for bigger clubs after some time. The departures of these two would hit every club, they were behind most of our goals. But we need to handle, as we have handled the departures of key players in the past. Souček, Coufal, Zima or Sima. We have new young players with great potential, and we will try to develop them. We believe that we can succeed here with them.”

On Bah and Masopust missing on the left side

“We can imagine how to solve this situation. The players know what we are going to play as we needed to watch videos and to prepare them for individual players of Fenerbahce. We have also considered a change of our tactical line-up as we are missing many players. The rest of the team know it, they are ready, and we are trying to find out the line-up of our opponent. We don’t want to leave it up to chance, of course.”


Coming from behind in Tiraspol to secure European spring

Slavia secured their place in the spring phase of the UEFA Europa League by defeating Sheriff 3-2 away in the 5th round of Group G. The goal account was opened by Jurečka, in the second half, Zafeiris and Tijani found the net, with Tijani scoring from a penalty in injury time.

Duty commands success. We know, however, how Rome struggled here

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​Jaroslav Köstl spoke with journalists before the match against Tiraspol about the absence of head coach Jindřich Trpišovský, the potential historic achievement or of maintaining the top position in the table over AS Roma.

Information for Fans Traveling to Tiraspol

The third match of the group stage of the Europa League between Slavia and Sheriff Tiraspol will be held in Tiraspol on Thursday, November 30, at 10:00 PM local time. Ticket sales have already ended. Below, you will find a guide.

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