Individual quality and productivity decided

“It’s still over and over, our fifth game when we play quite well and don’t win,” says the only Slavia goal scorer Tomáš Souček.
Your first goal in the Champions League, is it different executing penalty in Champions League and in the league?
“It was different. I know we were one goal down, so it was an extremely important moment. The nervousness culminated when I saw that the goalkeeper touched the ball with his leg but luckily it ended in a net.”

Did you believe there will be penalty at all? That the referee can disallow Lukaku’s goal?
“Well, yes. I thought there could be a penalty when I saw the situation live. Then there was a goal for Inter, but I still hoped, I went to the referee and he said he would check the situation. So, there was a penalty.”

How disappointed are you after the 1-3 loss?
“There is a disappointment, of course. It’s still over and over, our fifth game when we play quite well and don’t win. But we could see the individual productivity this time. We had some four chances and we didn’t score, our only goal resulted from penalty, they had two woodworks, three goals and the last one disallowed. It says a lot about productivity and individual quality.”

How physically demanding was the game for you? You couldn’t play last league game due to illness?
“It was difficult, but the worst is it after the game or after the half-time break when we breathe the hot air and can rest for a while. Otherwise it was quite fine during the game and I believe I will recover soon.”

There are 5 games behind you, you can’t qualify either for Champions League or Europa League anymore, how did you see the group overall?
“We are all sorry for this. We could asses the Champions League experience from two sides, the first one says we could play equal games with all European football giants in our group, the other says we have only two points and that is a pity. We wanted to play the last game at Borussia for everything, now, with two points, we will play only for our own credit.”


League record for Ondřej Kolář

Ondřej Kolář kept his 18th clean sheet of the season and created new Czech league record.

We could feel the support of the fans!

před 2 dny
Nicolae Stanciu contributed with two assists and a goal in five-goal demolition of Jablonec. „It doesn´t matter, who scores or assists. We just need points to be champions once again.“

Five-goal win against Jablonec

před 3 dny
Slavia recorded their highest win of the season against Jablonec, Holeš and Yusuf scored their first goals in red and white.

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