Kolář after Chelsea: We have nothing to be ashamed of

Slavia kept Chelsea at bay for 86 minutes until Alonso broke the deadlock with his header.
How did you enjoy the game with Chelsea?
“It was a match as any other for me. Of course, we played against European top team, but we want to go further in Europa League as against any other team. Unfortunately, we lost the first game. It’s a pity that we conceded at the very end. But we have nothing to be ashamed of, we played well, just the goal was missing.”

But the clean sheet was close…
“I was thinking about it, of course. But you always play for 90 minutes or even more and you can also concede at the end. Chelsea proved their strength. Few chances are enough for them, they can easily convert.”

How did you see the performance of your teammates on the pitch?
“Hats off to them! Chelsea were the best team we have played against this season in Europe. It is an honour for us to show people that we can play even with those teams.”

After 60 minutes Chelsea was setting the pace of the game and you saved Slavia when Rüdiger fired from inside the box…
“I did not see the shot until it was in front of me. I managed to react and kicked the ball with my right foot in the right direction. No one could make any rebound. The more I regret the goal at the end. Chelsea played it well but it’s a pity. It was a perfect cross and Pepa [Hušbauer] could not tackle Alonso anymore. He was alone in front of the net and could choose where to send the ball.”

What are your chances for the second leg?
“I cannot say we will go to London and don’t fight for the semi-final. But it will be difficult. If we held 0-0 home the game would be open there. But we conceded and scoring twice away will be hard.”

And there is also Prague Derby ahead of you. Is it hard to concentrate?
“It is not a problem. We all know what people expect on Sunday. We must win to enter the champion’s part with some advantage, and it will be the same for us as with Chelsea – a game against good opponent. We need to prove our quality.”


Thousand cardboard fans will support Slavia at Sinobo

před 2 dny
Together with Czech league partner Fortuna, Slavia gives its fans opportunity to virtually attend games played behind closed doors.

Ondřej Kolář one step from league record

před 3 dny
Slavia won in Mladá Boleslav and Ondřej Kolář kept 49th clean sheet in his 100th league game. He is now one clean sheet from all-time Czech league record.

Great restart after the break

Slavia won 1-0 away at FK Mladá Boleslav, Petr Ševčík scored the only goal of the game.

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