Manager Trpišovský before Dynamo: Only details will decide

"Only details will decide. As in the opening game. Both teams know each other to the tiniest details," says Slavia manager Jindřich Trpišovský before the importatnt game of Champions League qualification against Dynamo Kyiv.
 Are there any changes in the line-up and will the game be different than in Prague?
“Both teams follow each other to the tiniest detail. And only details will decide, just as in the opening game. We allowed Dynamo two chances and they scored form one of them. Dynamo are productive team, not only in our mutual games, but also in the league. They are always able to score. We want to eliminate their strengths and look for the gaps in their defence.”

What about Simon Deli and Jan Sýkora?
“We will see after the pre-match training and morning training on Tuesday. They did not train with the team but they travelled with us so there is a chance they could play. Peter Olayinka did not travel with the club due to muscle injury from the game in Mladá Boleslav. There is a small crack in the muscle and he will miss maybe several weeks, but it is hard to estimate.”

You have replaced Milan Škoda by Stanislav Tecl in the previous game, why did you decide so?
“They both played their parts in the successful result. We know Dynamo strengths and the draw was success for us thanks to both. Milan started the game well, but we had respect and we could not keep the ball. When our pressure came, he was not on the pitch anymore. And he is dependent on such kind of game. There are 90 minutes ahead plus maybe extra time and they both will got their chance.”

Dynamo postponed their last league game. Could that be an advantage?
“We can see that Dynamo don’t want to underestimate us. We showed them how capable opponents we could be, and they know there is nothing easy ahead of them. But it could be an advantage for them as well. We are glad we did not postpone our game and that we managed to make a good result, but if you don’t play and can train as you need, it’s a benefit. From the training and preparation point of view it is better not to play.”

Have you discovered any loopholes in Dynamo play?
“The material we have from our mutual game is always extremely useful. It reveals a lot of things. So, our style of play and Dynamo style of play were one of the main motifs in the preparation. We have defended well, and we could make some chances. We have also seen how Dynamo reacted in different stages of the game. Everything was not all right from our part, but we have seen how to play in the second leg.”


I just wanted to be back!

Peter Olayinka overcame Covid-19 in past weeks and returned in time to help Slavia beat Bayer Leverkusen in the UEFA Europa League.

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před 2 dny
Slavia took all three points in the second match of UEFA Europa League thanks to Peter Olayinka´s header ten minutes before the final whistle.

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před 2 dny
On Thursday, Slavia host Bayer 04 Leverkusen in Eden. “We paid much attention to the training, I hope it will pay off,” says Jindřich Trpišovský.

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