The goal for our daughter

Nico Stanciu secured Slavia 3 points in Plzeň. “Everything I do, I do for my daughter now,” he explained his celebration after the game.

Nico Stanciu broke the deadlock in the game against Viktoria Plzeň and scored the match-winning goal in 26th minute. It was his third league goal of the season and thanks to it Slavia are now 6 points ahead of 2nd-place Jablonec in Czech FORTUNA:LIGA.

“We are very happy, and not even because it was our last game of the year and we really wanted to end it with another win,” Stanciu said after the game.

“This game is not like any other. It is always a special match against Plzeň and we know that we must come here and work two times harder than in any other game. It is very difficult to win here. The effect of our victory is even sweeter here in Plzeň. We are happy to beat our rivals at their home stadium,” Slavia midfielder added.

“Before the goal I was just praying that Kuchtič [Jan Kuchta] sees me and passes me the ball. I was afraid that he would opt for a different solution. Luckily, he saw me and provided me a great pass and it was up to me to finish it. I would say this goal is 50-50. Fifty per cent for me, fifty for him,” Stanciu described the only goal of the game.

The Romanian midfielder must sent his 3rd league goal to his new born daughter. “Now everything we do – me and my wife – we do four our daughter. It’s an amazing feeling to be a parent, especially after what happened last year. Now we are grateful for her and we think of her during everything we do.”


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