Trpišovský and Holeš on the upcoming Union game

Slavia hope to break the bad away record this season in Berlin and qualify for the next stage of the UECL.

On the expectations from the game

Trpišovský: We are really looking forward to playing here, at a stadium with a great history and against a great Bundesliga club. We do not talk about a draw, we prepare for Union and for the game as if it was our first game in the group.

Holeš: I could not play the first game in Prague, but we made a great performance. But it’s been quite a long time and Union got better. We have seen their games, they have great individualities on every position, compact team, and there is no easy task in front of us.

On Union current form

Trpišovský: Watching their last game sone can see a little bit different Union than in our first game. They made several changes during the summer break, and we could play against this team in the first game of the group stage. Now they are more compact and play well together. We have been watching the game against Leipzig, Union were clearly better and the win was deserved.

Holeš: Union beat Leipzig last week, they are a team of a great quality. We know that we were not successful in the away games this season and we hope we will break it and we will qualify for the spring stage of the competition.

On a game with only 5,000 fans

Trpišovský: It is a stadium with a big capacity, and I believe the atmosphere would be great here. If we could, we would choose to play with fans. In our first mutual game the atmosphere at Eden was great, created by our fans and the away fans together.

Holeš: Of course, we would rather play for a big crowd. It belongs to football and without the fans it is a bit sad. It could be an advantage for us not to play at a Union stadium where the stands are very close, and fans can create a great atmosphere. But even though it could be an advantage, we would rather play with fans.

On the injury list

Trpišovský: I think Lukáš Masopust will be ready, and I can say the same about Ondřej Lingr. With Alex Bah we will see how it’s looking after the training. He wants to start but we must wait after the full training. Petr Ševčík did not travel with us and is recovering in Prague.

We will be missing Jan Kuchta and it is a big blow for the team concerning his important goals. We need to replace not only his goals, but also his style of play, and the situation is even worse with the health problems of Michael Krmenčík. There is a variant with bigger rotation of players, we also need to consider Union tactical based on five defenders.


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Great start and a win in Zlín

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