Draw in Liberec

round  24, Sa 18.3.2023, Stadion U Nisy
round  24, Sa 18.3.2023, Stadion U Nisy
FC Slovan Liberec - SK Slavia Praha
Goals: 26. Ogbu (vl.), 90. Olatunji - 30. Olayinka, 64. van Buren
Slavia drew in Liberec after the home team managed to equalize in the added time following a red card for Olaiynka.
  • Olayinka scores his 8th and van Buren 12th goal of the season.

  • 100th goal of the 2022/23 season scored by Mick van Buren

  • Olayinka will miss next games after red card.

Against Liberec Slavia started to another important game playing tag with Sparta on top of the league. Jindřích Trpišovský made two changes in the line-up compared to the last game – Lukáš Masopust appeared in the starting eleven for the first time in the spring part of the season and Ondřej Lingr who was the match-winner against Plzeň started in midfield.

The Red-Whites created several chances in the opening 15 minutes, but at the end Liberec opened the score in the 26th minute. Doumbia fired from behind the box and hit the right post, the ball rebounded back in front of the goal and Lukáš Červ scored with the help of Ogbu’s deflection. 1-0.

Slavia equalized four minutes later after a similarly chaotic situation. After a cross from the right wing Douděra’s shot was blocked by Vliegen, the ball bounced back to Peter Olaiynka and our midfielder fired it through into the net. 1-1.

Five minutes into the second half Peter Olaiynka scored his second goal with the help of Vliegen’s right post, but the goal was disallowed as the ball crossed the goal line after previous cross by Ševčík.

Slavia thus did not take lead until 65th minute when Olaiynka was brought down by Ndefe inside of the box and the Red-Whites were awarded a penalty. Mick van Buren took the ball and sent it in the middle of the goal with Vliegen guessing the left side. 1-2.

In the 71st minute Zafeiris went past his defender and found Olaiynka inside of the box, but the effort by our forward ended next to the left post. Eight minutes later van Bured tried to send a chip over Vliegen after Zafeiris’ pass, but the home goalkeeper blocked his effort.

Complication for Slavia came two minutes before the end of the regular time when Peter Olayinka carried his reaction on a duel inside of the box too far and was sent off by the referee.

One-man down Slavia then conceded in the added time. Doumbia’s pass fell through to Olatunji behind Slavia defence and the home forward lobbed Kolář to make it 2-2.

Slavia thus remain on top of the league table ahead of Sparta, but only thank to a bigger goal difference. Next game will be played after the international break on 1 April home against Olomouc.



FC Slovan Liberec

Vliegen – Plechatý, Purzitidis, Preisler (70. Ghali) – Ndefe, Doumbia, Červ (80. Varfolomeev), Mészáros (77. Rabušic) – Rondić (77. Kozák), Olatunji, Tupta

SK Slavia Praha

Kolář – Masopust (56. Zafeiris), Ogbu, Holeš, D. Jurásek – Douděra, Oscar, Lingr (76. Jurásek M.), Ševčík, Olayinka – Tecl (56. van Buren) (89. Hromada)


26. Ogbu (vl.), 90. Olatunji - 30. Olayinka, 64. van Buren
Yellow cards
Doumbia, Preisler - Ogbu, Dorley, Zafeiris
Red cards
- Olayinka
Zelinka – Paták, Antoníček



Unbeaten at home after four-goal win against Olomouc

Slavia defeated Sigma Olomouc thanks to the improved performance and three goals in the second half.

Draw in Liberec

Slavia drew in Liberec after the home team managed to equalize in the added time following a red card for Olaiynka.

Coming from behind to beat Plzeň at home

Slavia won the direct game for the top of the league table. The Red-Whites came from behind in the second half thanks to Olayinka and Lingr.

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