Thousand cardboard fans will support Slavia at Sinobo

Together with Czech league partner Fortuna, Slavia gives its fans opportunity to virtually attend games played behind closed doors.

Ondřej Kolář one step from league record

Slavia won in Mladá Boleslav and Ondřej Kolář kept 49th clean sheet in his 100th league game. He is now one clean sheet from all-time Czech league record.

Great restart after the break

Slavia won 1-0 away at FK Mladá Boleslav, Petr Ševčík scored the only goal of the game.

First team returns to training after negative COVID-19 tests

On Friday morning second wave of COVID-19 testing took place at Sinobo stadium. All results of players and first-team staff were negative.

One Slavia player tested positive for COVID-19

On Monday, one player was tested positive for COVID-19 during mandatory coronavirus tests before the restart of the Czech league.

League schedule for the rest of regular season

Slavia will play their first game after the restart of FORTUNA:LIGA away in Mladá Boleslav on Tuesday, 26 May.

Lost Derby to good purpose

Slavia lost 2-6 on aggregate to Sparta in virtual Derby. Almost 1,3 million Czech crowns were raised by fans of both teams for nurses in Czech hospitals.

Football to unite to support International Missing Children’s Day initiative

ECA and its member clubs including Slavia will come together on International Missing Children’s Day in May to support a new initiative that hopes to help find vulnerable young people.

Olayinka sustained serious injury during training

Peter Olayinka sustained fibula fracture during training session on Wednesday. He is expected to be out for 3 months.

Slavia stadium on Letná was burned down exactly 75 years ago

First Slavia stadium on Letná hill was burned down by German troops during Prague uprising on 6 May 1945.

Biggest Prague Derby Attendances

The Prague Derby has always been attracting huge crowds. The absolute record – 50,105 fans – are now both clubs trying to break in virtual charity Derby.

Slavia Heroes carry on helping

Despite the gradual loosening of COVID-19 measures in the Czech Republic, Slavia heroes carry on helping among Slavia community.

Filip Horský Best Player of UEFA For Players Educational Programme

The Slavia Youth Academy places great stress on players’ education. Filip Horský from the U17 squad having ranked as first in the UEFA For Players app, part of the Youth Champions League, only proves this to be true.

Slavia and Sparta teams will play FIFA 20 in Charity Derby

On 10 May Slavia team will face Sparta in virtual charity Derby. All proceeds from ticket sale will go to nurses in Czech hospitals.

Record-breaking Derby 1965

In September 1965 Sparta hosted Slavia on Strahov stadium. Slavia just went up from 2nd division and after 17 years both teams returned to their original names. More than 50,000 people showed up.
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