2019/20 League fixtures released

Slavia will start the 2019/20 Czech league with two away games. Derby against Sparta is scheduled for Round 10.

Slavia will start the 2019/20 FORTUNA:LIGA away in Zlín, regular season will end against the same opponent in April 2020 in Prague (followed by League Final / Europa Group / Relegation Group). Second game play Slavia away to, this time in Teplice, and the first home game on Sinobo Stadium will be played against Sigma at the end of July.

Exact time and date of kick-off is usually released about 3 weeks before the game.

First Prague Derby against Sparta will be played on Letná stadium in 10th round (the end of Sepember 2019), home derby on Sinobo is scheduled for 24th round on the beginning of March 2020.

Complete 2019/20 FORTUNA:LEAGUE schedule:

Round 1 13.7.2019 FC FASTAV Zlín SK Slavia Praha
Round 2 20.7.2019 FK Teplice SK Slavia Praha
Round 3 27.7.2019 SK Slavia Praha SK Sigma Olomouc
Round 4 3.8.2019 MFK Karviná SK Slavia Praha
Round 5 10.8.2019 SK Slavia Praha FC Slovan Liberec
Round 6 17.8.2019 SK Dynamo České Budějovice SK Slavia Praha
Round 7 24.8.2019 SK Slavia Praha Bohemians Praha 1905
Round 8 31.8.2019 Slezský FC Opava SK Slavia Praha
Round 9 14.9.2019 SK Slavia Praha 1. FC Slovácko
Round 10 21.9.2019 AC Sparta Praha SK Slavia Praha
Round 11 28.9.2019 SK Slavia Praha FK Mladá Boleslav
Round 12 5.10.2019 FK Jablonec SK Slavia Praha
Round 13 19.10.2019 SK Slavia Praha 1.FK Příbram
Round 14 26.10.2019 FC Viktoria Plzeň SK Slavia Praha
Round 15 2.11.2019 SK Slavia Praha FC Baník Ostrava
Round 16 9.11.2019 SK Slavia Praha FK Teplice
Round 17 23.11.2019 SK Sigma Olomouc SK Slavia Praha
Round 18 30.11.2019 SK Slavia Praha MFK Karviná
Round 19 7.12.2019 FC Slovan Liberec SK Slavia Praha
Round 20 14.12.2019 SK Slavia Praha SK Dynamo České Budějovice
Round 21 15.2.2020 Bohemians Praha 1905 SK Slavia Praha
Round 22 22.2.2020 SK Slavia Praha Slezský FC Opava
Round 23 29.2.2020 1. FC Slovácko SK Slavia Praha
Round 24 7.3.2020 SK Slavia Praha AC Sparta Praha
Round 25 14.3.2020 FK Mladá Boleslav SK Slavia Praha
Round 26 21.3.2020 SK Slavia Praha FK Jablonec
Round 27 4.4.2020 1.FK Příbram SK Slavia Praha
Round 28 11.4.2020 SK Slavia Praha FC Viktoria Plzeň
Round 29 18.4.2020 FC Baník Ostrava SK Slavia Praha
Round 30 25.4.2020 SK Slavia Praha FC FASTAV Zlín  


Victory against Zlín in the opening game of the season

Josef Hušbauer broke the deadlock in the second half to secure Slavia victory in the 1st round of FORTUNA:LIGA.

Simon Deli leaves Slavia for Club Brugge

After almost five years in red-white and two league titles our defender Simon Deli decided to move to Belgium.

Big victory in the last pre-season

Slavia destroyed Viktoria Žižkov 6-0. Nico Stanciu scored in his very first game in red-white.

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