300: Battles of Milan Škoda

Top striker of Slavia modern era, captain and legend. Milan Škoda played his 300th league game against Karviná.
Škoda joined Slavia in January 2012 from neighbouring Bohemians. He scored his first two goals in red and white in May 2012 in a home game against Hradec Králové. For 300 games he needed 12 seasons in the Czech top league, 3 and a half in Bohemians, 8 and a half in Slavia. Since joining Slavia Škoda has played 212 league games.

Milan Škoda scored 91 league goals, the last one during his 300th start from penalty against MFK Karviná. His best season so far was the 2014/15 when he scored 19 goals. With 15 goals in 2016/17 he became top league striker.

Škoda scored in 11 out of his 12 league seasons. The only exception is 2013/14 season when he was helping Slavia as centre-back in the worst times of the club modern history. From 3,795 duels since joining Slavia he won 1,824 which is the highest number from all Slavia players.

Thank you, captain, and good luck in scoring your last 9 goals to join the Club of league stikers!


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