Hušbauer: Europa League can hype us up
24.08.2017, Redakce

Hušbauer: Europa League can hype us up

PRAGUE/EDEN ARENA – Disappointed from Champions League elimination but excited about the Europa League prospect. Slavia will play in the group stage of UEFA club competition after long eight years and thus after APOEL, Josef Hušbauer’s feelings were mixed.

“We are disappointed that we did not qualify for the Champions League, we all feel that we could – and we should – outplay such opponent. They had overall three or four attempts in both legs and they scored twice. We had much more opportunities, much more shots,” Hušbauer summed up both APOEL games.

How would you evaluate the home game?
“APOEL came here just to defend and to delay the game. They did not play forward much. We had really good start and the first half did not lack quality on our side. We have put everything into the game, but later, from 70th minute on, one could see that we were tired a bit. It was not so dynamic anymore.”

Did the APOEL experience with European games decide?
“They showed us how to lie on the ground. APOEL had good opening ten minutes home but otherwise I don’t think they were better team. They scored twice in those ten minutes which proved to be decisive for both legs. We did not score. Would we score in the first leg I believe we would do so in the home game too.”

What is the explanation for not scoring a goal from so many chances?
“We need some breakthrough. It is difficult to say, there were situations in which we acted rashly, we tried to solve the situation too quick. I hope we get better till the next game and we will score finally.”

Slavia will continue in the UEFA Europa League, is that a motivation?
“Of course we are glad that we can play in Europe after so many years. We should be happy about it even though we know that the Champions League would be much better. But the Europa League is not a bad competition either. It can start us up. We can gain more experience than in the Champions League which is some levels higher.”


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