We believe in our fans
22.08.2017, Redakce

We believe in our fans

PRAGUE/EDEN - "The most important game of autumn season" is ahead Slavia on Wednesday evening according to manager Jaroslav Šilhavý. But with the help of sold-out stadium Slavia still believe. "The 0-2 result isn’t good but it is nothing we could not overcome," Šilhavý says.

“It is extremely important game for us. The most important during the whole autumn season. We need to approach the match according to this,” manager Šilhavý said.

“We analyse our games, we are showing our players how to solve the situations better. We want them to believe in themselves that it will work out in the APOEL game,” continued Slavia manager.

How does the health of Slavia players look like? “Sýkora and Hromada are 100% ready and there is still a little hope for Simon Deli even though we don’t believe much. Dany should be 99,9% ready to play as well as Ruslan Mingazov,” Šilhavý explains.

What does the coach expect from the second leg? “APOEL have many experience from European competitions. They have been playing such games every year. They also have experienced players from Brazil, Portugal, they have great individual skills. But when we’ve put pressure on them in the second half, there were some windows in the defence. That could be the way,” Šilhavý assumes.

“Our cabin is full of experienced players now. They have played many games in which they were coming from behind. The 0-2 result isn’t good but it is nothing we could not overcome. We believe our great fans will support us. We want to put pressure on our opponent, to make them do some mistakes, fouls,” manager believes.


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