I am grateful to Slavia for such opportunity

Nico Stanciu is back in Prague: “I felt the club was really fighting to sign me, that was the biggest motivation.”
Welcome to Slavia. What was the biggest motivation for you?
“Frankly speaking, it was the desire of Slavia to bring me back from Al-Ahli. After the end of the season I came to know Slavia want me and during the international break I hoped the transfer would be realized. I knew the club really want to sign me and it was great to know that they are fighting for me. The motivation was thus even bigger.”

Was Al-Ahli different from Europe? Did you miss European football?
“Well, yes, it was. That’s why I decided to come back, and I want to thank Slavia for such opportunity. I really wanted to come back. I cannot say it was a mistake to go to Saudi Arabia, but now I am here. Every previous experience made me who I am now.”

You have already played against Slavia, but not on Sinobo Stadium. How do you like it here?
“That is true, I have never been here before. It’s my first time here on this beautiful stadium. And I was amazed. Everything is gorgeous here, from the dressing rooms to the stands and the club museum. The conditions here will be perfect.”

Have you already spoken to the manager Jindřich Trpišovský?
“Yes, we have been in touch before the transfer itself. And speaking to the manager helped me a lot because I wanted to be here and to work with him. He told me he wanted me in the club. He was very helpful during the transfer and I am glad to be here also because of him.”

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