Jaroslav Zelený joins the red-whites

25-year old defender or midfielder Jaroslav Zelený signed for Slavia till 30th June 2022. Zelený shined in FK Jablonec last year and helped his club to secure a spot in Europa League Group stage for 2018/19.
Jaroslav Zelený started his career in Hradec Králové where he made his first appearance in the Czech top league at the age of 17. In the U18 and U19 he also gained several caps for the Czech national team. During the last season he became one of the key players of FK Jablonec whom he helped to get to the Czech Cup Finals. So far, he has gained 105 caps in the Czech top competition.

“It is a big step ahead for me, even bigger than when I went from Karviná to Jablonec. Slavia belongs among top-3 clubs in the Czech Republic, they always play for the title. We managed to finish third with Jablonec but the size of the club and the history of Slavia, that is something different,” Zelený said.

“Manager Trpišovský was interested in me already in Vitoria Žižkov, when I played in Hradec. We kept in touch again when I transferred from Karviná to Jablonec. His long-time interest is one of the main reasons I went to Slavia now,” new face of Slavia added.


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