No place for a resit. It’s here and now

Before the second leg of the UCL 3rd qualifying round against Ferencvaros, the manager talked to the media.

Slavia take on Ferencvaros on Tuesday, 10 August, from 7 pm at Sinobo Stadium in Prague. The Red-Whites are two goals behind after a 0-2 away defeat last week. Manager Jindřich Trpišovský talked about the squad, tactics and the pressure before the game on the official press conference on Monday.

On the first game

“We have seen the first game many times. We need to improve inside of the box, to be better in our final stage. We have created enough opportunities in both halves, but we have just hit the opponent or gave the ball to the goalkeeper. We need to send better key passes as we do during training sessions. We need to crate similar opportunities, but we need to improve our play inside of the box.”

On the time to prepare

“We had two more days and we could analyse the first game much better. We had time to practice some of the model situation, depending on how the game could develop. We dedicated each day to different aspect of our play.”

On changes in Slavia squad

“There will be changes in our line-up, some of them caused by health issues. We are in close contact with our medical team, there are many players who will be able to play only certain part of the game.”

On the home game

“We are two goals down at the half-time. But we will play at home with the support of our fans, and I hope it will help us. It is a big difference, from the very beginning we will be two goals down and we will have to come from behind. We need to attack, but, on the other side, we know that we cannot concede. It would be a big complication. We need to play the same way we did in the opening half of the first game, but with no mistakes. Ferencvaros had three big chances and we gave them all of them. We need to show complex performance, avoid mistakes and improve in the final stage.”

On the pressure

“I feel about the game as I usually does. It is a Champions League qualification, it is already difficult to get to this stage and it will be harder and harder. I don’t care if the Europa League or Conference League have been secured, there is only Ferencvaros game ahead. This is not a long-time competition where you can turn up for a resit. It’s here and now. You think about it 24/7, about all possible details. Everyone in the coaching staff feels it the same.”


Victory at Slovácko, second place in the final league table

In the 4th round of the FORTUNA:LIGA Finale, Slavia defeated Slovácko in Uherské Hradiště 2-1 thanks to goals from Holeš and Chytil. However, with a four-point gap at the top of the table before the final match of the season, the Red-Whites secured the second position in the league season 2023/24.

Jurečka, Zmrzlý, Oscar and the first scalp of Plzeň this season

Slavia secured a 3-0 victory against Viktoria Plzeň in the third round of the playoffs at Eden. The match was decided in the opening ten minutes when Ondřej Zmrzlý found the net for the second time in red and white, followed by a beautiful long-range strike from Oscar. The definitive result was sealed in injury time by Václav Jurečka.

Goalless draw in the Prague Derby

The 0-0 draw at Letná left Slavia four points adrift from the top spot after the second round of FORTUNA:LIGA Finals. Jindřich Staněk showcased a series of exclusive saves in the match, but the Red-Whites failed to capitalize on a long numerical advantage following Haraslín´s dismissal.

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