Quotes from the press conference before Arsenal

The Boss on Ondřej Kolář, missing players or Arsenal attacking strength.

On Ondřej Kolář

“The doctors have permitted Ondra [Kolář] to take part in a game. On Wednesday he had his first full training. We will see, how he reacts, and according to this we will decide. We won’t force him to start into the game. It’s up to him, his own feeling. He knows that we are in a difficult position and that the team depends on him, his qualities, and his skills. He is trying to make everything to return. If there was any health risk, we won’t rush.”

On the other goalkeepers

“We have three more goalkeepers available, Přéma [Kovář] and Stejsky [Jan Stejskal] are back in training, they managed to overcome the problems which were limiting them. The coaching staff is preparing one of our goalkeepers for possible start. We need him to be prepared. He knows it and the coaches are working with him.”

On the missing players

“We are missing four centre-backs. But we have already decided how to solve it. We had three possible solutions to choose from, our decision was also influenced by the fact that we want to have some possibilities how to react in the course of the game.”

On previous games in the United Kingdom

“It’s a bonus that we have already played at Rangers and Leicester. Valuable experience. On the other side, each game is decided by current form, injury list and the squad available. We are in a different situation then we were before the international break, and so is Arsenal.”

On the Arsenal attacking strength

“We have our own style, and we don’t want to back away. It wouldn’t be wise to change it when we face such a big team as Arsenal. They have great players in the attack and in the defence too. They have goalkeeper with good technical skills. The pitch is excellent here and it will be hard for us to use the high pressing. But we will try, it is our trademark.”

On the first leg away from home

“We play the first leg away from home, and it is a different situation from the previous two rounds. Scoring a goal would put us in a good position and we will be able to play more attacking football. On the other side, we play against a team which is strong at home. We were successful in the second legs away and we must play on Thursday as if it was the second leg too.”


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před 2 dny
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