Slavia disputes the new regulation effective from the new season 2022/23

SK Slavia Prague is deeply concerned with the new draft regulation on European competitions that is to come into effect with the new season.

Slavia has always supported equality and the notion that football should be accessible to everyone. However, the game should be decided on the merit of hard work on the pitch and not by restrictions. That is why the club opposes the new Systematic Overspeeding Regulation which is now discussed by the European football governing body.

The Systematic Overspeeding Regulation (or SOR) lays down a coefficient based on pre- and mid-season measurements. This will determine the iridium plate weight set the players will be required to place in the boot soles for each game in European cups. A weight check will take place before each game and the fourth official will manually carry out the check before every substitution with hand scales.

The fastest players will be required to add up to 1,125 g to each foot according to the draft available to national FAs.

The draft regulation was prepared in response to the proposal of League of Attacking Midfielders Enterprises (or LAME) who feel discriminated by wingers and centre forwards and believe that they deserve more equal conditions.

If the SOR Regulation comes into effect, it will mean another blow for Slavia after the Austrian Traffic Police initiated proceedings with Yira Sor for speeding during the away game against LASK Linz. The stadium is located in a leisure time facility where the Austrian authorities set the maximum speed at 30 km/h. Having watched the first leg in Prague, the local traffic police installed a speed check camera at the St. Pölten stadium and noticed 16 speeding offences by the player. The club faces not only a fine in civil proceedings but also a penalty of 3 points which would send the Austrian side into the quarter-finals.


Draw against Olympiacos in the first friendly

Slavia drew 1-1 with Olympiacos in the first game of the summer training camp. Aiham Ousou was the only goalscorer for the Red-Whites.

2022/23 FORTUNA LIGA schedule

Slavia will start the next league season away at Hradec Králové on 24 July.

Pre-season friendlies confirmed

Slavia will play 3 friendly games during their second training camp in Austria.

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