Teams from another World: Souček on Group F

Slavia were drawn into the UEFA Champions League Group F together with Barcelona, BVB and Inter. “We do not go into the Champions League just to enjoy it, we want to fight,” says Tomáš Souček.
„It is a euphoric moment for all of us. We have just qualified, we haven’t had much time to realize it all. But when we were watching the draw together it was something unbelievable. It is always a question whether to have top clubs in the group or those which would make us think about the qualification for the next stage. And the worse is to get the latter and ended eliminated. But I think we will want to present the Slavia which played against Sevilla or Chelsea last season. We do not go into the Champions League just to enjoy it, we want to fight,” midfielder Tomáš Souček says.

“Those teams are from another world, but we want to cross sword with them too. We will travel to Barcelona to meet Messi, to Dortmund with maybe the best fans in the World and for Inter reinforced by Lukaku and Sanchez. We couldn’t wish for a better group. It is the icing on the cake of our last season, we all followed our goal and we did it. Now, when we see those clubs, we can only surprise. We don’t have to be nervous and I believe we can play well and we can succeed,” Souček added.


Two penalties shaped the Youth League defeat

Slavia U19 lost their opening game of UEFA Youth League 0-4 to Inter Milan. Two strict penalties shaped the result, Sebastiano Esposito scored twice in the first half.

We should be proud of this moment

Peter Olayinka scored a goal in his Champions League debut. “After the referee went to check VAR, I was begging him, ´please, don’t stop this feeling´,” Nigerian forward says.

Draw against Inter in the Champions League opener

před 2 dny
Slavia drew 1-1 against Inter away in the matchday 1 of Champions League Group F. The hosts managed to equalise on 92nd minute.

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