Thank you, Juniors! Applause for Choreo School and Kids´ Corner

Last Sunday, at the beginning of the league match against Karviná, Fortuna Eden witnessed the unique Choreo School for the very first time and heard the cheers of the Kids´ Corner. And it was well worth it. THANK YOU!

The day before the start of the new school year, the club, in collaboration with ‘Tribuna Sever’, launched a new project for young Slavia Prague fanatics. ‘Choreoškolka’ (Choreo School), an initiative focused on children of various ages who share a passion for sports, creativity, and collaboration.

On Sunday, just before the kick-off of the match against Karviná, children were given the opportunity to try out various forms of choreography in the corridor under ‘Tribuna Sever’. They engaged in activities such as painting a large banner and assembling cardboard pieces on the stadium seats. Chants were sung, and the children tried their hand at drumming.

The youngest participant was three years old, and the oldest one was fifteen. Over eighty children gathered in the corridor.

The result, a banner featuring a drawn image of the iconic character Bart Simpson accompanied by the word ‘JUNIORS’, was proudly displayed at ‘Tribuna Sever’ and the Kids´ Corner, which was situated opposite to the actual Kids´ Corner, at the corner of ‘Tribuna Sever’ in sector 110.

"We were pleasantly surprised by the level of interest. We filled the capacity in less than 24 hours, which brought us immense joy. The children enjoyed it, and so did their parents. They were pleased to bring their children to the football match in a slightly different way. I highly evaluate the entire event, and we plan to repeat it soon," commented Martin Benda, the father of the ‘Choreo School’ concept, who also oversees marketing and fan communication at the club.

"Many thanks to the boys from ‘Tribuna Sever’ for taking this initiative!"

As Benda describes, this was not the first similar activity aimed at actively involving young fans in choreography at the stadium.

The initial attempt took place some years ago. "A few years ago, as part of an Open Day at Fortuna Eden, we tried it out. Children painted a star, which was then displayed in the Parents and Children´s Sector. The reactions were excellent, both from parents and young fans. There was enough interest, and the children enjoyed it. I´m pleased that we´ve now been able to take it much further."

After the Sunday event, children received free tickets to the match. A small gift was prepared for young season ticket holders. The "Bart Simpson" creation from the Choreo School received a tremendously positive response on fans´ social media.

Armbands and Ringing Bells

The Slavia choreo was not the only thing focused to the youngest fans. The club has dedicated the entire month of September to them. Against Karviná, the ‘Captain Armband’ project continued, with Tomáš Holeš wearing a special captain´s armband designed by Tereza Maxová, the founder of the charitable project ‘Teribear’, which specifically helps abandoned and disadvantaged children. The last league match before the international break was attended by 120 kids from children´s homes from all over the Czech Republic. 22 of them accompanied the players onto the pitch, while others participated in the match as flag bearers.

On Monday, as part of the event, club representatives, along with Vladimir Šmicer, first-team defender Tomáš Vlček, and reserves coaches David Střihavka and Tomáš Jablonský, visited a total of seven classes at ‘Eden Elementary School’, ‘Břečťanova Elementary School’, and ‘Kouzelná škola Elamentary School’.

Throughout September, special tours of the Slavia Museum and stadium are also being conducted for schools and children´s homes, so kids will learn more about the club and its rich history.


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