We came to build Slavia reputation

On Tuesday Slavia will end their 2019 European journey in Dortmund. “We still want to take points,” midfielder Tomáš Souček says.
Will the game against BVB be the most difficult in the group?
“Already before the first mutual game we said this will be the most difficult match. But regarding the complete group, all games were equally hard. There will be certainly the best atmosphere in Dortmund, most our players haven’t experienced anything like this so far. I believe we can prepare the same way we did for the home game, but with better result.”

Slavia cannot qualify for the next stage, could it be an advantage to enter the game with free head?
“It’s a pity we cannot progress. But we gained respect for Slavia throughout the whole Europe. We want to continue here in Dortmund, we want our opponents to accept us the same way they did in the remaining five games in the group.”

Hakimi was a key player for your first mutual game, did you focus on him this time?
“We focused on him even before the first game, but he scored two goals anyway. It doesn’t matter who we focus on, all Dortmund players are great. There is Sancho or Hazard, it doesn’t matter who starts. We must prepare for Dortmund as a team.”

Borussia manager praised you for your game, is it a reward for you?
“It’s definitely positive fact. Wen we were drawn into this group everybody took us as underdogs. They only counted how many goals we concede. We gained respect, managers of clubs playing against us praise our play. It’s good for the team and it makes us proud. It’s a pity that we don’t have more points.”

How are you looking forward to playing under the Yellow Wall?
“I am looking forward a lot. When we got our opponents for Group F I was looking forward to this game especially because of the fans. I believe it will be motivation for us as well, playing at such stadium. It could boost our self-confidence too. I believe it could help us.”

You have your only two points from away games. Do you believe you can get some more in Dortmund?
“So far we gained only away points and we are trying to prepare the same way we did for our previous games. I believe we can make it this time too. We came here to build Slavia reputation and of course we want to gain some points.”


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