Jurečka decided the thriller against Jablonec

round  20, Su 11.2.2024, Fortuna Arena
round  20, Su 11.2.2024, Fortuna Arena
SK Slavia Praha - FK Jablonec
Goals: 3. a 11. Wallem, 24. a 90. Jurečka - 5. Chanturishvili, 14. Chramosta, 48. Pleštil
The Red-Whites grabbed all three points in the opening game of the spring season. Jablonec managed to equalize three times at Eden, but Václav Jurečka gave Slavia the final lead in the 97th minute of the game with his second of the game.
Before the opening whistle, two ceremonial events took place. Jiří Nedvídek was congratulated on his 93rd birthday, which he celebrated earlier in the week. The oldest living league player of Slavia Prague has played 217 matches in the red-white jersey. Applause was also given to the new assistant coach of the national team, Jaroslav Köstl, who has led Slavia to three league titles, four victories in the Czech Cup, and three appearances in European quarter-finals alongside his colleagues.

The beginning of the match offered an exciting shootout. Slavia struck in the third minute, Petr Ševčík found Conrad Wallem with a beautiful pass, who demonstrated a successful first touch and then pierced Hanuš with a cross shot - 1:0.

Jablonec responded in less than two minutes, Chanturishvili was at the end of a quick counter-attack - 1:1. Slavia returned to the lead again thanks to Conrad Wallem, who headed in Masopust's cross - 2:1. However, Jablonec quickly responded once again, with Chramosta scoring after a quarter of an hour of play - 2:2.

After one of the back passes, Aleš Mandous made a mistake in distribution, but he managed to return to the goal and prevent Chramosta from turning the score.

The 24th minute brought more joy for Slavia. Mojmír Chytil kept the ball against a triple threat, passed it to Václav Jurečka, who didn't miss with his right foot and scored his ninth league goal of the season - 3:2. The top scorer of last season stylishly celebrated his 150th league start.

In the 33rd minute, Chytil headed towards the goal with his back, missing by a few centimeters. Jurečka's second goal was disallowed for offside; five goals were scored in the wild first half.

Jablonec started the second half better, with Pleštil scoring in the 48th minute - 3:3. Hanuš denied Douděra's attempt. After Ševčík's cross, Jurečka headed, but Hanuš didn't have to intervene.

In the 65th minute, Jindřich Trpišovský made a triple substitution, replacing Provod, Masopust, and the two-goal hero Wallem with Mick van Buren, Ivan Schranz, and Ondřej Zmrzlý, who made his competitive debut in the striped jersey.

Chytil had the leading goal at his feet, narrowly missing the left post after Van Buren's cross. Chytil was then replaced by Muhamed Tijani, and in the 82nd minute, Douděra made way for Tomič. The Slovakian international immediately had a chance, but couldn't break through the wall of Jablonec players. Slavia's pressure intensified, and in the 89th minute, Tijani headed onto the left post from a corner kick.

The referee added seven minutes of stoppage time; Oscar's cross was caught by the Jablonec goalkeeper. Tomič won a corner, and Tijani's subsequent header went past the right post. The Red-Whites kept pushing and eventually found the winning goal. Václav Jurečka scored at the back post after Ševčík's corner and decided the match - 4:3.

Slavia brought the breathtaking encounter to a victorious end. On Wednesday, they will face Zlín away in a postponed 17th round match, and on Sunday, Slavia will play away again in Karviná.



SK Slavia Praha

Mandous – Masopust (65. Zmrzlý), Ogbu, Holeš, – Douděra (82. Tomič), Ševčík, Oscar, Wallem (65. Schranz) – Provod (65. van Buren) – Jurečka, Chytil (78. Tijani)

FK Jablonec

Hanuš - Tekijaški, Martinec (84. Hübschman) , Štěpánek (59. Houska), Polidar - Černák (46. Kanakinama), Kratochvíl, Nebyla, Pleštil (69. Souček), Chanturishvili - Chramosta (69. Drchal)


3. a 11. Wallem, 24. a 90. Jurečka - 5. Chanturishvili, 14. Chramosta, 48. Pleštil
Yellow cards
Holeš, Tijani - Kratochvíl, Hanuš, Nebyla
Starý - Kubr, Machač



Win at Slovácko. Beauty from Provod, brace from Jurečka

Valuable victory after the international break! Slavia, thanks to a splendid strike from Lukáš Provod and two precise goals from Václav Jurečka, defeated Slovácko 3:1 in Uherské Hradiště. Jindřich Staněk conceded for the first time in his fourth league start for Slavia.

Slavia and Mohamed Ihattaren end their cooperation

Mohamed Ihattaren is no longer a Slavia player. The club and the Dutch midfielder have mutually agreed to end their cooperation.

Cup throwers have the opportunity to rectify their mistake

Forced interruption of the match, likely high penalties from UEFA, and disgrace for the entire Slavia. Such is the outcome of the behavior of some individuals during the home game against AC Milan, who decided to resolve their current frustration by throwing beverage cups or other objects onto the playing field.

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