Another goalless draw

26. round, Su 29.4.2018, Eden Arena
26. round, Su 29.4.2018, Eden Arena
Slavia - Slovácko
Goals: bez branek
Slavia did not manage to overcome Slovácko defence and played only a 0-0 draw home in Eden. Josef Hušbauer hit post in the biggest chance, Miroslav Stoch missed close from a set piece. Slavia are now 9 points behind Plzeň 4 games into the end of the season.
Manager Trpišovský had to fight several absences when choosing the Sunday’s starting line-up. Kúdela, Hromada, Tecl and Sýkora could not start because of fourth yellow card with van Buren, Mešanović and Mingazov still injured. Škoda, Ngadeu and Hušbauer remained on the bench recovering from their injuries not able to play for the whole 90 minutes.

On the other hand, midfielder Jaromír Zmrhal returned to the starting 11 together with centre-back Simon Deli. Young talent Pavel Bucha stood next to Danny in the centre of the midfield.

Slavia started better and Necid has his first shot just 9 minutes into the game, but his effort was deflected over the crossbar. Ten minutes later Kubala was the first to test Kolář on the other side but missed the target with his long-range shot.

The home side pressure resulted in a big chance at minute 22. Necid passed the ball back inside of the box and Stoch’s dangerous effort was blocked by one of the defenders, just few seconds later Danny tried his luck from behind the box missing the right post close.

On 33rd minute Souček sent his sharp cross from the right side and Zmrhal did not reach the ball in front of an open goal just by one step. Six minutes later Stoch had chance to take a free kick, surprisingly opted for a direct shot and missed the near post by a few decimetres.

Slavia lost Simon Deli after 30 minutes when the centre-back needed to step down following a muscle injury and was replaced by Michael Ngadeu.

The sewn-ones set the pace of the game during the entire second half and created promising chances. On 56th minute Bucha started combination on the right wing and Stoch sent his cross through the whole box but Necid could not hit the ball on the far post.

The only chance of Slovácko came on 61st minute when Krejčí appeared unattended in front of the goal after a cross from the left wing but headed the ball next to the right post.

After 70 minutes Slavia substitute Hušbauer hit post with his low effort from behind the box. Eight minutes later Miroslav Stoch had another chance to take a free kick and sent the ball just a few centimetres behind the far post from 25 metres.

Three minutes before the full time was Tomáš Souček clearly held inside the box in a potential chance but the referee overlooked the foul and did not give Slavia the penalty kick.

The red & whites thus played their second consecutive 0-0 draw and are now 9 points behind the leader Viktoria Plzeň with 4 games remaining. Viktoria will be the next opponent of Slavia in a crucial game in Eden Arena. The kick-off is on Saturday, May 5, at 6:30 pm.



Kolář – Bořil, Jugas, Deli (31. Ngadeu), Flo – Souček – Stoch, Danny, Bucha (63. Hušbauer), Zmrhal (68. Škoda) – Necid


Heča - Juroška, Krejčí, Břečka, Divíšek - Daníček - Navrátil, Havlík (20. Machalík), Sadílek, Petr (55. Zajíc) - Kubala (82. Hofmann)


bez branek
Yellow cards
Danny, Souček - Divíšek, Navrátil, Daníček
Julínek - Dobrovolný, Dresler



We could feel the support of the fans!

Nicolae Stanciu contributed with two assists and a goal in five-goal demolition of Jablonec. „It doesn´t matter, who scores or assists. We just need points to be champions once again.“

Five-goal win against Jablonec

před 2 dny
Slavia recorded their highest win of the season against Jablonec, Holeš and Yusuf scored their first goals in red and white.

Ondřej Kolář one step from league record

Slavia won in Mladá Boleslav and Ondřej Kolář kept 49th clean sheet in his 100th league game. He is now one clean sheet from all-time Czech league record.

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