Five goals in the Czech Cup

MOL Cup, We 20.9.2017, Eden Arena
MOL Cup, We 20.9.2017, Eden Arena
Slavia - Třinec
PRAGUE/EDEN ARENA - Despite being 0-1 down after the opening 45 minutes Slavia managed to overplay Třinec (FNL, 2nd tear) and won 5-1 in the 3rd round of the Czech MOL Cup. Halil Altintop equalised at minute 49 and Tomáš Necid scored two to secure clear victory for the red & whites.
Třinec are currently in top form winning two MOL Cup games and being on 4th place in their competition (FNL, 2nd tier) just one point behind leading Opava.

Slavia on the other hand have played their 3rd game in less than one week and manager Šilhavý had to make several changes in the line-up in compare to the UEL game with Maccabi and the Prague Derby against Sparta.

But it was Slavia who had better start and could take lead after just ten minutes when Frydrych missed close with his header. Some 15 minutes later Souček found Necid inside the box but Třinec goalkeeper Paleček punched his firm shot away.

At the end it was Třinec who took lead at 45 + 1 minute. After a corner the red & whites forgot to cover Petr Mareš and Kovář had no chance to stop his firm header from inside the box.

However it took only three minutes for Slavia to reverse the score after the break. At minute 49 Halil Altintop utilized the space given to him at the edge of the penalty area and equalised with a well-placed right-footed shot.

At minute 52 goalkeeper Paleček did not manage to save Souček’s header properly, Michal Frydrych was the quickest to find the ball behind the goalkeeper and forced the ball through behind the goal line. 2-1.

Just after an hour Stoch found Jan Sýkora on the right wing and our midfielder added third with his right foot.

Than the end of the game belonded to Tomáš Necid. At minute 71 he utilized Altintop’s pass outside the box and added fourth with a well-placed low-range shot.

Necid than added his second in the extra time after Stoch’s quick break and van Buren’s cross.

The red & whites thus defeated Třinec 5-1 after they were one goal down after the opening 45 minutes and qualified for the 4th round of MOL Cup.



Kovář – Bořil (73. van Buren), Bílek (C), Frydrych, Flo – Sýkora, Hromada (46. Stoch), Souček, Zmrhal – Mešanović (32. Altintop), Necid


Paleček – Bedecs, Čelůstka (C), Hošek (65. Juřena), Ilko, Janošík, Kateřiňák (70. Vaněk), Masař, Reintam, Samiec, Šumbera (81. Velner)


Goals: 71' + 90' Necid, 49' Altintop, 53' Frydrych, 60' Sýkora – 45' Hošek
Booking: Kateřiňák, Bedecs (oba TRI)
Referee: Ginzel – Mokrusch, Vít



Big success for Czechs, first cap for Olayinka

Slavia players on international duty: Czech Republic defeated England, Peter Olayinka made his first cap for Nigeria.

Slavia players on national duty

Overall ten players from the first team can play for their national teams during upcoming EURO and World Cup qualifiers.

Souček and Olayinka secured win over Jablonec

Tomáš Souček and Peter Olayinka scored in the second half to secure two-goal win over FK Jablonec. Slavia are now 6 points ahead of Viktoria Plzeň.

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