Van Buren was the match-winner in the second game against Servette

friendly, Fr 13.1.2023
friendly, Fr 13.1.2023
Servette FC - Slavia
Goals: 56. van Buren
Mick van Buren was the only one on the scoresheet in the second friendly against Geneve. With his strike in the second half he secured a 1-0 win for Slavia.


Servette FC

Frick – Camara, Cespedes, Clichy, Cognat, Crivelli, Kutesa, Magnin, Pflucke, Severin, Vouilloz
Náhradníci: Baron, Besson, Chaibi, Kaloga, Diba, Mbongue, Outtara, Touati


Kolář – Douděra (76. Halinský) , Ousou, Santos, D. Jurásek – Hromada (57. Talovjerov), Ševčík, Jurečka, Lingr, M. Jurásek (67. Šmiga) – van Buren (57. Olayinka)


56. van Buren



Win at Slovácko. Beauty from Provod, brace from Jurečka

Valuable victory after the international break! Slavia, thanks to a splendid strike from Lukáš Provod and two precise goals from Václav Jurečka, defeated Slovácko 3:1 in Uherské Hradiště. Jindřich Staněk conceded for the first time in his fourth league start for Slavia.

Slavia and Mohamed Ihattaren end their cooperation

Mohamed Ihattaren is no longer a Slavia player. The club and the Dutch midfielder have mutually agreed to end their cooperation.

Cup throwers have the opportunity to rectify their mistake

Forced interruption of the match, likely high penalties from UEFA, and disgrace for the entire Slavia. Such is the outcome of the behavior of some individuals during the home game against AC Milan, who decided to resolve their current frustration by throwing beverage cups or other objects onto the playing field.

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