Best feeling I have ever had!

Petr Ševčík scored the only goal of the game against Plzeň to secure the 20th Czech title for Slavia. “I will remember this for all my life,” Slavia midfielder says.

How does it feel to score a goal which secures your club the title?
“It is beautiful. This game gave me feeling I have never experienced in my life. I am grateful I can be here. Personally, I consider this title a little bit more important than the last one as I was here the whole season and as I scored that goal against Plzeň. We are the champions, it is something you cannot describe in words.”

What about the game itself? It was rather cautious from both teams?
“Yes, it certainly was. We did not want to concede and neither did Plzeň. We could see it in the opening half which showed only few chances. But the goal calmed us down.”

There was a beautiful pass by Lukáš Masopust…
“I could remember him getting the ball into the area where we always want to score. Even on trainings. When I saw him passing to me, my only focus was not to miss. I guessed the goalkeeper would move to his right and I was right. That was not the strongest shot, but as the goalkeeper moved the other way, it was all about hitting the target.”

How did you enjoy the euphoria after the game?
“It was the best feeling in my career so far. I am glad we could share it with our fans. It’s an experience for life!”

What about celebrations under current limited conditions?
“Of course, we’d wish better conditions, but we will enjoy it anyway. We will celebrate together with all teammates. We see each other all season and we won the title together. We all have negative Covid tests, so everything should be fine.”

There are three more games left in the season, I reckon you don’t want to give up on them.
“Our trainings may be not so exemplary now, but we will prepare for every game the same. We don’t want to spoil the celebrations with some bad result.”



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