Ticket info for Viktoria Plzeň home game

Slavia will play their first home game of Champions Group against Viktoria Plzeň. Only 4 thousand tickets are available due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Tickets will be available for 2019/20 season ticket holders only according to the number of games they attended this season. In case you attended at least 8 home games (out of 11) and cancelled your tickets for 3 remining games in time, you will have the opportunity to get tickets in the first stage.

Times and dates of ticket sale

1 11 games
10 games + 1 properly cancelled
9 games + 2 properly cancelled
8 games + 3 properly cancelled
22 June 2 pm - 23 June 11:59 am
2 10 games + 1 missed and not cancelled 23 June 1 pm - 23 June 11:59 pm
3 9 games + 1 or 2 missed and not cancelled 23 June 5 pm - 23 June 11:59 pm

Slavia play against Viktoria Plzeň home at Sinobo on Wednesday, 24 June, from 8 pm.

You can verify your attendance HERE by filling in the number of your season ticket.

In case there seems to be a mistake in the number of games marked as attended/unattended, please contact vstupenky@slavia.cz immediately.

Ticket are sold via Ticketportal.cz. For purchase you need to log in as you do when buying e.g. European cups tickets.

Bring your printed ticket

For 2019/20 season-ticket holders the tickets for Champions Group games are free. For entering the stadium, you will need printed paper ticket for concrete game, the season ticket itself won’t be enough to get through the gates (but the season ticket will be checked along with the paper ticket).

Only 4,000 seats are available for Viktoria Plzeň home game due to COVID-19 restrictions. Sinobo Stadium will be divided into 4 sections (North Stand, East Stand, J.W. Madden Stand, František Plánička Stand), each sector will have its own entrance and maximum capacity of 1,000 people.


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