Diouf: Competitive debut from the realm of dreams

Malick Diouf contributed to the victory over Karviná with two goals in his debut. His opening goal of the match was recognized after an official review, and with two strikes in the record, he headed in front of the #SlaviaTV camera to talk about the spontaneous celebration with the head coach, the excellent pass from Tijani, and his first month at Slavia.

How do you feel after the match?
"Iīm very happy, I didnīt expect it. I wanted to play a good game, to perform well. But in the end, I managed to score as well. The coaches told me to close the back post. Iīm really happy to have scored, especially in my debut."

Muhamed Tijani deserves a lot of credit for your goal, doesnīt he?
"Thatīs right. Mick started it, I ran behind the defenders. And TJ passed it excellently to me, I just finished it well. Thatīs how it should be, an excellent pass."

What was the celebration with the head coach like?
"He gave me a lot of advice, itīs a new league for me. I have a lot to learn, the season will test me a lot, this match tested me too. Iīm happy, but I have to keep working."

Your first month at Slavia is behind you, how is the acclimatization going?
"Itīs going well, big thanks to the fans. Every match is unique. Thatīs why I want to play as much as possible. Especially matches like todayīs. Iīll always want to deliver a quality performance."

You played actively, supported the offense a lot. Was that what the coach asked for?
"Iīve been playing like this my whole life. But the main thing is that we all have to play for the team. We play hard, focusing on every minute. Thatīs what itīs all about."

What did you say to the fans who traveled?
"Thank you, we have to keep going like this. There are still plenty of matches left. We have to stay focused."


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