Experience you won´t forget, says Cup hero Tecl

Stanislav Tecl scored two goals against his former teammates and secured Slavia the 2017/18 MOL Cup. “Every trophy brings experience you will not forget,” says the hero of the night.
Slavia won the Czech Cup after long 16 years. How does it feel?
“It has been even longer for me, because I have never won it in my life. It’s a great feeling. Every team trophy brings experience you won’t forget in your life.”

You played in Jablonec during the autumn part of the season. Weren’t you sorry for your former teammates?
“Frankly, it’s been quite a struggle. Of course, I know all of them, but that is football. I am in Slavia now and I am doing my best to be successful. Today we had to play against Jablonec but I did my best anyway to win.”

Did you talk to Jablonec players?
“We have been talking a bit before the game started. But now it is a big disappointment for them. It always hurt being the runners-up. I surely empathize with them.”

You have scored two goals, so it has been your game?
“Of course, I am glad that I managed to score. On the other hand, I was always in front of an open goal. Credit goes to the whole team.”

You have added another goal in an important game against Plzeň, it seems you are in a good shape recently?
“It has been just two games. It means nothing because the season is long. I would be glad if I managed to play like this during the whole season.”

You have replaced Milan Škoda who already recovered from his injury…
“We both understand the situation, we are one team after all. We support each other, and the team strength is bi. Nobody is offended, if I don’t play, I will wish the best to all my teammates. I think it should always be like this.”

After seizing the cup, how will you evaluate the whole season?
“The season will be great if we finish second in the league. It is a lot of work ahead to manage this task. There is Olomouc behind us who will try to chase us. But if we finish second, I will consider the season successful.”


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