Ferdinand Daucik: New star on the walk of fame
29.06.2018, Redakce

Ferdinand Daucik: New star on the walk of fame

From Southern Slovakia to Prague and on the bench of the most famous Spanish clubs. That is the story of Ferdinand Daucik – the newest star on the Slavia walk of fame in Eden.

Slavia will honour one of its legends – former player Ferdinand Daucik (1910-1986) – with a commemorative match with Slovak Cup winners Slovan Bratislava on Friday 29th June at 6:30 pm. The “Daucik Cup” will replace the Czechoslovak Supercup between Slavia and Slovan which was scheduled for the same date to Bratislava and postponed due to safety reasons.

The “Golden Era” Captain

Ferdinand Daucik was born in the Slovak (Hungarian at that time) village of Šahy and started his career started in 1.ČsŠK Bratislava (later renamed to Slovan). In 1935 he moved to Slavia Prague and became one of the key players of following seasons. He played 231 games in the red-white jersey and won 3 Czechoslovak and Czech titles (1935, 1937 and 1940). In 1938 he captained one of the most successful team of Slavia history which won the Mitropa Cup – the early form of today’s Champions League.

Daucik was third Slovak player in history who started for Czechoslovak national team. He helped the team to finish runners-up on the 1934 World Cup in Italy.

During the second world war Daucik returned to Bratislava to play and later manage Slovan. After the war came to its end and Czechoslovakia reunited, he organized several friendly games between Slovan and his former club Slavia.

Señor Entrenador

In 1948 Daucik became manager of the Czechoslovak national team but soon had to flee the country facing persecution after the communist putsch. He arrived in Spain together with his brother-in-law Ladislao Kubala who – as a member of Hungarian refugee team – was offered a contract in FC Barcelona. As part of the deal, Daucik became Barcelona manager in 1950.

He coached Barcelona during one of its most successful periods. The club won two consecutive doubles in 1952 and 1953. Later Daucik joined Atlético Bilbao to win the 1955 Copa del Generalísimo and 1956 double. He led the team to the European Cup quarter finals in 1957losing to Manchester United. In 1957 Daucik joined Atlético Madrid and led them to the second place in La Liga. Among other teams he coached after 1959 were FC Porto, Real Betis, Real Murcia, Sevilla and Zaragoza.

After 1967 Daucik moved to Canada to manage Toronto Falcons (he was joined at the club by his son Yanko, son-in-law Ladislao Kubala and grandson Branko Kubala). Back in Spain he coached Elche, Espanyol, Real Betis or Levante in 1960s and 1970. Ferdinand Daucik died in Alcalá de Henares near Mardid in 1986 aged 76. His star now joined other Slavia legends such as Bican or Plánička on the walk of fame in front of Eden Arena.


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