It´s hard to develop a new style. But we cannot step aside
16.02.2018, Redakce

It´s hard to develop a new style. But we cannot step aside

The new first-team coach Jindřich Trpišovský praise his players as the mid-season break comes to its end. “I am pleased and surprised by the team. They are hard-working, hungry and they absorb information perfectly,” Trpišovský says.

What is your evaluation of the mid-season preparation?
“It was a classical preparation, we have been running a lot, training a lot, working with video. To the games – I would describe the performance as partly cloudy as for the results but I am rather satisfied. Moreover, all the players are healthy and survived the camps which is important because of the difficult conditions. I think we have made a great work, but I cannot say that we have managed everything. It is about work with new team, new players and it takes time. Nevertheless I must say I am satisfied with the team, how did they approach the training how hard-working they were and how did they strive to get even better. Start of the league season is another episode of the preparation. We will go step by step to adopt the principles we want to have in our play.”

What about the “natural” problems when adopting a new style of play?
“I would say that these problems were smaller than we expected. In some games we have conceded a lot of goals but the purpose of such preparation is to show us our shortcomings. That is why I am glad we have played with such big clubs and also that we have conceded those goals and made those mistakes. Only then we have chance to see everything on the video and get rid of the mistakes. That is why we have went for broke in some of the games. We have scored more than 20 goals, conceded some 17. I was surprised how hungry were the players and how did they absorb the information. Players themselves asked for longer video-analysis, came to ask about the system, work on themselves. We have high demands and I am glad they approached it well. I feel that the team wants to learn more.”

Jan Nezmar, the sports director, said that you want to give chance to all the players to show themselves. Some changes to this approach?
“I must say that some 14 days ago there were players who were not even close to being given a chance. But those players have made great progress and we saw this in Ostrava during the dress rehearsal. We have 21 players and we have spent much time with individual talks and videos. Some of the players started with a handicap – Jakub Hromada missed the summer training, got injured later, some of the players were recovering from injuries, some of them did not spend much time with the team or cannot speak Czech or English, but we try to fix those gaps and we know that not everybody had the same starting position. Those with the biggest deficit are getting better, for example Pavel Bucha who came from the youth team and stayed as a part of the first team.”

Do you know which line-up will be the best for spring season?
“We have tried to play with two forwards in the dress rehearsal because during the training camps we have had the games quick after each other and could not try all the options. When playing 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 we can start with two forwards or add another forward during the game. We wanted to see the cooperation in the game and it showed us some good and some bad things. When we strenghten the midfield we can put a lot of pressure in the oponent.”

Are there some new players who could join Slavia, maybe in the summer?
“There is an overpressure on some positions, but there is much more space on the other ones. For example on the wings where we want to give a chance to mick van Buren. We want the players to show us what they can do and on what level. There are more such players, some of them did not have much space as we were trying new tacticals. For example Sobol on the left wing.”




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