Key to the game lies in the midfield, Trpišovský says

Dominant and extremely dangerous, says Jindřich Trpišovský about Borussia.
Slavia will play against Borussia Dortmund in their second game of UEFA Champions League Group F. “There will be dominant and extremely dangerous opponent standing against us,” manager Jindřich Trpišovský says.

“Slavia will play the Champions League home in Eden for the very first time, but there is no difference between the atmosphere in the dressing room now and before Inter. It’s more about all the hype surrounding us, how people around the club enjoy the moments before the game,” Trpišovský said about the atmosphere surrounding the first home game after 12 years and the very first at Eden Arena.

Slavia manager talked in superlatives about our opponents. “It is nice to look at Borussia play, they play cultivated and mature football. All their players are great concerning their football skills and physical numbers. It looks like they accept no player until he run hundred metres under eleven seconds. They play in enormous pace and it is difficult to prepare for their attacking phase. Sancho, Götze, Hazard and Reus are then great in 1-on-1 situations.”

On the other side, playing against Dortmund is a fulfilled dream for Slavia manager. “It is a fulfilled dream, on the other side, I’d chose someone else concerning their sports level. Wen I was in Žižkov in second tier I always wanted to make the club Czech Dortmund. The way they are able to replace players with young lads is impressive. It’s a machine created for football.

Key to the success lies in the centre of the pitch according to our coach. “Petr Ševčík recovered from the injury, he is in full training now, so we have one more opportunity there. We have been thinking a lot about it, Borussia is not a typical team, their style is different from Inter for example. Key to the success lied in the centre, with Witsel, Reus or Delaney Borussia can take the high ground. Who rules the midfield gains advantage.”


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