Not the result we deserved: Ševčík and Kúdela on Borussia

"We regret those 100% chances we couldn´t convert. The final result is a pity," Petr Ševčík says after Dortmund game.

Petr Ševčík: Not the result we deserved

How painful is defeat after such an equal game?
“I hope we have shown that we can compete with anybody now. We played two difficult games, both totally equal. But against Borssia we regret those 100% chances we could not convert. The final result is a pity.”

What feelings will prevail after the game?
“Tonight, maybe tomorrow we will be angry, but I think that when we want to compete with top European clubs, we must be disappointed about the result. It was not the result we deserved, draw would be fair.”

Before the game you were talking about the pace of Borussia players, were you right?
“Well, yes. Their wingers, we just couldn’t catch them. I must say this has no equivalent in Czech league. They showed us their incredible pace in the counter attacks.”

Ondřej Kúdela: Borussia lived up their reputation

In the second half you put pressure on Borussia, was it also thanks to support by our fans?
“Sure. The Tribuna Sever were great, they are well known for this. They lived up to their reputation and made incredible atmosphere. We won on the stands, the atmosphere was fantastic not only on the North Stand but all around the stadium. We did enjoy it, it’s a pity we couldn’t convert those chances we created but wee need to thank all the people who came. We are glad we can experience this.”

How difficult will be regeneration after a game in such pace?
“We play another game on Sunday, so we will have enough time to regenerate and to prepare. We have played those games before. Of course, it was difficult, but it is every game in this competition. We have now enough experience and every player knows what exactly to do. We will have enough time to prepare and can’t make any excuses. We have enough players, manager can make changes and now we need to focus on difficult away game in Jablonec.”


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