Slavia ban signs asking players for their shirts

Fans with signs asking players for their shirts will not be allowed into Fortuna Arena.

The club decided to ban visitors from bringing cardboard (and other) signs asking players for their shirts into Fortuna Arena after discussion with the fans.

Unfortunately, the club has noticed that an organized group operates within the stadium using children to ask for player’s shirts. The same kids could be seen across various Czech stadiums and the shirts regularly appeared for sale online.

Increasing number of Slavia fans were recently sparking up a discussion on social media criticising these actions. Slavia condemn this behaviour – as many other clubs do – and decided to put an end to it.

Kids can win signed shirts now

The club, however, understands the desire of young fans to own valuable memorabilia. That’s why it decided to organize a contest for kids under 15 visiting the home games at Fortuna Arena. For each home game an entertaining task will be prepared for young fans and the winner of the contest gets the original shirt signed by all the first-team players.

For the next home game against Slovácko kids can bring (or create on site) a drawing of their favourite Slavia player. The pictures can be handed in to the hostesses at the Family Sector.

All the drawings will be displayed at the stadium.


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