The away game will be different, Škoda says after BATE

PRAGUE/EDEN ARENA - Milan Škoda scored from the penalty spot and secured a narrow win for Slavia in the first leg against BATE. How did he see the game? And what manager Jaroslav Šilhavý expects from the second leg?

Škoda: The away game will be different

“We would probably accept the 1-0 result prior the game. We wanted to win and score a goal. We have met this goal, but we also feel that we should gain more from such a game,” Milan Škoda commented on the course of the match.

“We need to travel to Belarus now to fight for qualification. It would be easier with a better result of course, but we won’t be given anything gratis. We need to play on our own,” author of the sole goal added.

“It will be a different game away. BATE have played from behind, relying on strong defence, and we could not get closer to the penalty area. Have they played in full strength, the game would probably look different,” Škoda concluded.

Šilhavý: We could score at least one more goal

“We were quite bewildered by the course of the game. For some three quarters of the match we were playing against ten men and we wanted to score more goals. To make the second leg a little bit happier. We failed to do so and we are disappointed. We had enough chances to score at least one more goal, but either we did not solved the situations right or we hit the woodwork,” Jaroslav Šilhavý said.

“To play against such a strong defence is the hardest part. We have combined well but we have also played many inaccurate balls. We have sent many crosses from the depth of the pitch and not from the wings as we wanted to. But we try to play faster and I believe that we are getting better. We need to get rid of some rush in our combination and get better in the game against such firmly defending opponent,” Šilhavý added.

“We travel for second leg one goal ahead, but with humility, respect and with belief that we can do it. I believe we can add one more away goal. Our reinforcements have many experiences and I do not have doubts that we would lose the game,” our manager predicts.


Great restart after the break

Slavia won 1-0 away at FK Mladá Boleslav, Petr Ševčík scored the only goal of the game.

First team returns to training after negative COVID-19 tests

On Friday morning second wave of COVID-19 testing took place at Sinobo stadium. All results of players and first-team staff were negative.

One Slavia player tested positive for COVID-19

On Monday, one player was tested positive for COVID-19 during mandatory coronavirus tests before the restart of the Czech league.

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