Tough and resilient opponent ahead

Read Jindřich Trpišovský´s quotes from the press conference at Ibrox before the second leg against Rangers.

On Rangers’ strength
“We are aware of the strength Rangers have and the way they play. They haven’t shown it only last week, but they have shown it during the whole season. We know that Rangers are tough and resilient opponent. It is really difficult to make them play our own way, but we have had time to prepare.”

On the 1-1 draw from the first leg
“After the 1-1 at home, we start the away game goalless and with this result, Rangers are through. In modern football you need to attack and defend as well. We need to score here, but it does not change anything. We want to score in every game.”

On McGregor’s last-minute save last week
“I don’t remember such a great save. It was outstanding, in my opinion even better than the legendary Gordon Banks. The pitch was wet, the header was strong, and the goalkeeper managed to stop the ball with his pinkie and hold it. I would say he is a pivotal player for the team, he proved this in all games we have seen. I cannot recall a better save since I started watching football. For me, it was unbelievable.”

Jindřich Trpišovský and midfielder Lukáš Masopust during the press conference at Ibrox.

On Peter Olayinka’s injury
“We hope it will be good. He joined us for the training yesterday and we will see after the training today. It’s about his own feeling if he stands the pain. We believe he will be prepared as he is an important player for us. We will decide tomorrow morning.”

On Simon Deli´s return
“In the past, Simon proved how big player he was. During the European games for us and later in the Champions League for Bruges. On Sunday, we wanted him and Ondřej Kúdela to remember their past cooperation, and I think he proved he´s back in the top form.

On the key for progress to the next round
“We know we haven’t shown everything in the first game, the second half hasn’t worked out for us. We weren’t accurate in some respects as it is not easy to cope with the Rangers’ good defensive play and their quick build-up phase. The key will be to deal better with our opportunities and not to concede a cheap goal as we did in the first game.”

On Rangers’ impressive home record
“I think Rangers command respect by many things, their history, their name, or their achievements this season. But as I always say, the truth lies on the pitch. And you need to prove your quality there. It will all be decided on the pitch. We are enjoying that we can be here, see the beautiful stadium. It is a pity that no fans can be here tomorrow.”


Draw against Olympiacos in the first friendly

Slavia drew 1-1 with Olympiacos in the first game of the summer training camp. Aiham Ousou was the only goalscorer for the Red-Whites.

2022/23 FORTUNA LIGA schedule

Slavia will start the next league season away at Hradec Králové on 24 July.

Pre-season friendlies confirmed

Slavia will play 3 friendly games during their second training camp in Austria.

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