We are extremely happy. The fans motivated us

Third title in a row for Slavia, fourth in last five years, crowned by a 5-1 win against Plzeň. And fourth for our captain Jan Bořil.

On the big win

“As I would sum it up, it was a fairy tale. We dominated from the very beginning, we scored many goals and we deserved to win. Before the game we knew we have the title in our hands, and we want to show the fans a beautiful football. They could finally come here and support us. I am happy for the goals and for the title too.”

On the squad

“When I joined Slavia, it was my dream to win titles. And it worked out. We have played the Champions League Group Stage, we have progressed to the Europa League Quarter-final twice. I am really happy for this, that’s why I came here. We all see that this is the strongest team we have had recently. The competition raised immensely since I joined the club in 2016. I think we have a great team now and hope that this successful ride will continue.”

On the title certainty before the game

“We really did not care about the result of Sparta game. We wanted to focus o our game only. But of course, we were aware of the other match, we were watching it on TV, despite having been forbidden to do so. And we could celebrate when we saw the result [Sparta drew 2-2 in Liberec which meant they could not skip Slavia on top of the table]. We could go to our own match with clear head and concentrate on the game. We wanted to show our fans that we deserved to be the champions and that we can play good football. And we did it.”

On the unbeaten record

“We want to win every game, even though the opponents always prepare for us, even though the pitches aren’t good at some venues. Sometimes it’s not easy, but we want to stretch our unbeaten record as far as possible. No one likes to lose, and I hope we won’t for a log time. But every game is tough, and the new season will be even more difficult than this one.”

On the fans at the stadium

“We are glad they could come. We knew they would be here, so we wanted to entertain them with a win and with a good football. I hope there will be more fans allowed at the stadium with every other round, I think we all deserve it. Not only the fans, not only us, but all the clubs. Without fans the football is sad, with fans it is something completely different. We could feel their support and they motivated us, it was different than a silent stadium. They helped us and we gave them something in return.”


Narrow win against Olomouc

Slavia won the match in Olomouc 1-0 after Jan Kuchta´s 14th goal of the season!

Derby win in the MOL Cup Semi-final

Slavia won their 3rd Prague Derby against Sparta this season and progressed to the MOL Cup Final against Viktoria Plzeň.

Win against Plzeň as Czech champions!

Slavia won the game against Viktoria Plzeň 5-1 just an hour after being crowned Czech champions!

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