We expect a different game than in Prague

“Nice are often changing their tactical line-up, we must be prepared for different options,” says manager Jindřich Trpišovský before the UEFA Europa League game on Thursday.

“Our own performance will be the most important. If we make Nice to accept our style of play, then we can think about what we can gain from the game. The result will also depend on how productive we will be. But we are not the kind of team playing for a draw. We cannot play like that. We want to show performance good enough to win,” says Jindřich Trpišovský before the 4th Slavia game in UEFA Europa League Group C.

“We don’t really know the current form of OGC as they played their last game three weeks ago. Now they can hold trainings together again, but they are in the same situation as Slavia – some players have returned after Covid and the infection hit hem with different strength,” knows the boss.

“We cannot count with all our players either. Some of them still have health issues. Some of the players have returned to full training after Covid, but others have not fully recovered to start from the opening minutes,” Trpišovský added.

“Our opponent had enough time to analyse the first mutual game. I think they will really focus on this one and they will show a different performance than in Prague,” thinks Slavia manager.

In case of the victory, Slavia would have 9 points in the group table which would move them close to the qualification for the Round of 32. “We cannot think like this. We must respect the strength of our opponent and I know that even though we beat Nice at home it is still strong team, one of the tops in French league,” Trpišovský says.

“We must focus on our own style of football. We need to make the best of this game, then we play Brno in Czech league and then we can talk about other European games. It is important not to mix everything together. We don’t think on what will be in two weeks, now we must manage to play well in Nice,” Slavia boss concluded.

The UEFA Europa League game between OGC Nice and Slavia will be played at Stade de Nice on Thursday, 26 November, from 6:55 pm CET.


Leicester and Liverpool were the favourite teams for me

"Gary Lineker was the player I pretended to be as a kid when playing football. When I found out that Lineker is from Leicester, that’s how it began," says Jindřich Trpišovský before the away game with Leicester City.

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