Defeated by Jablonec in the last home game

29. round, Sa 19.5.2018, Eden Arena
29. round, Sa 19.5.2018, Eden Arena
Slavia - Jablonec
Goals: 83. Sýkora – 13. Považanec, 19. Chramosta, 30. Trávník
Slavia lost 1-3 to Jablonec in their last home game of 2017/18 season. The guests scored two quick goals till 20th minnute and added third from the set piece. Despite big pressure Slavia scored only once by Sýkora on 83rd minute.
Third time in a row Slavia started with the same line-up with Stanislav Tecl as a lone striker. And they could take lead just 4 minutes into the game when Zmrhal headed the ball to Frydrych, but our right back was denied by goalkeeper Hrubý with his shot from the brink of the box.

Tomáš Souček than headed the ball over the crossbar and surprisingly Jablonec took an early lead. On 13th minute Jakub Považanec moved with the ball to the centre of the pitch and surprised Kolář with his effort from almost 30 meters. Our goalkeeper could not reach the ball on the left post and Slavia were one goal down.

The red & whites could equalize after 17 minutes but Hrubý punched Hušbauer’s shot away in front of the goal but Sýkora then missed an open net with his rebound. Just two minutes later on the other side Holeš found Chramosta in between of our defenders and he sent the ball in the countermovement of our goalkeeper.

Disastrous opening half was crowned on 30th minute by Michal Trávník, who scored from a set piece following Jugas’ tackle some five meters behind the box. Slavia were three goals down on half time.

Manager Trpišovský made two changes for the second half, Škoda replaced Zmrhal and Danny came in for Tecl and Slavia put some pressure on Jablonec. Only a minute after the start of second half Škoda headed the ball after Sýkora’s cross but missed the target by two meters.

Slavia created many chances but Jablonec goalkeeper Hrubý stood against. At minute 63 Hušbauer fired a danegerous shot but Hrubý punched the ball away. Just few seconds later Danny had a chance to score from the right side of the box but was denied by Jablonec goalkeeper again.

The home side thus did not manage to lower the difference until the 83rd minute. Jan Sýkora latched onto a pass on the right side of the box, moved with it to the centre and with a slight deflection fired it through Hrubý.

Slavia pressure culminated after the goal, but the red & whites could not convert their chances. At minute 86 Souček returned the ball to the box with his header but Jakub Jugas sent his volley next to the left post. Just a minute later Frydrych headed the ball following Danny’s cross but one of the Jablonec defenders managed to kick the ball out of the goal line.

Slavia thus gave their farewell to Eden Arena with a 1-3 defeat and they lost the chance to seize the title again. Viktoria Plzeň has now 6-point lead with just one game remaining and became 2017/18 Czech champions. Slavia did not secure the second spot either, Jablonec is now 3 points behind us and we need at least one point form Teplice in the 30th round.



Kolář – Frydrych, Jugas, Ngadeu, Bořil – Souček – Stoch, Hušbauer (74. Hromada), Sýkora, Zmrhal (C) (46. Škoda) – Tecl (46. Danny)


Hrubý – Holeš, Pernica, Lischka, Zelený – Považanec (89. Piroch), Hübschman (C), Trávník – Jovović (69. Kubista), Doležal, Chramosta (78. Hanousek)


83. Sýkora – 13. Považanec, 19. Chramosta, 30. Trávník
Yellow cards
Sýkora, Hromada - Zelený
Královec - Nádvorník, Hájek



Slavia mark on Czech EURO qualification

Win over Kosovo secured the Czech Republic qualification for EURO 2020. Overall 9 Slavia players started in European qualifiers for the Czechs.

Ševčík gets first Czech call up, 11 Slavia players on international duty

Overall 11 Slavia players travel to play for their national teams. Ševčík and Traoré get their very first call ups.

Penalty and late goals secured 3 points against Teplice

Slavia defeated Teplice 3-0 at Sinobo and remain undefeated in 2019/20 Czech FORTUNA:LIGA.

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