Goalless draw with local rivals

4. round, Sa 19.8.2017, Ďolíček
4. round, Sa 19.8.2017, Ďolíček
Bohemians 1905 - Slavia
PRAGUE/ĎOLÍČEK STADIUM – Second consecutive goalless away game for Slavia means that the Vršovice Derby has no winner for the autumn season. Slavia played 0-0 with their local rivals Bohemians and has 8 points after 4 league games.
Manager Šilhavý made six changes in compare to the UEFA Champions League game with APOEL. Eduard Sobol has started as a left-back, Altintop, Zmrhal, Sýkora and Hromada stood next to each other in midfield and Mešanovič remained the lone striker. For both Sýkora and Hromada it wos the first league game after recovering from their injuries.

Slavia set the pace from the very beginning but wasted their chances in the opening minutes of the game. Just after two minutes Sýkora and Mešanovič could advance towards the Bohemians goal alone, but goalkeeper Fryštách punched the ball away from under Mešanovič’s feet and Sýkora’s rebound from angle was blocked by one of the defenders.

Slavia could not overcome home defence and did not create chances for a long time. After half an hour Sýkora fired his shot from inside the box over a crossbar, on the other side Hůlka headed the ball and missed the far post close just few minutes later in what was the only chance of Bohemians in the opening half.

Zmrhal fired his shot from 23 meters close to the half-time whistle missed the right post by half a meter.

Slavia started the second half in similar way as the first one but it was Bohemians who created more chances in the end. At minute 51 Mašek missed the post, 20 minutes later Hůlka headed again on the far post but his dangerous effort was blocked by his own teammate.

At minute 68 Bohemians wasted their biggest chance. Kabaev passed to the right side and Nečas tried to chip the ball over Laštůvka but missed the far post by centimeters.

Slavia could open the score at minute 81 but Hušbauer’s effort from inside the box was blocked and Bořil’s shot from outside a penalty area was punched away by Fryšták.

Slavia thus did not score and take one point from Vršovice derby, on the other hand it was their 30th game without a single loss under manager Šilhavý. The crucial game, however, is scheduled to Wednesday. The red & whites will try to overcome 0-2 deficit with APOEL and qualify for the UEFA Champions League.


Bohemians 1905

Fryšták – M. Dostál, Hůlka, Šmíd (C), Kocič – Reiter (72. Nečas), Švec, Mašek (80. Jindřišek), M. Hašek, Bartek (88. Buchta) – Kabajev


Laštůvka – Bořil, Jugas, Ngadeu, Sobol – Sýkora (59.Stoch), Souček, Altintop, Hromada (64. Hušbauer), Zmrhal (C) – Mešanovič (77. Škoda)


YC: Jindřišek - Souček
Referee: Proske – Hrabovský, Kotalík



We have the biggest chance to qualify now, Souček says

The red-whites will start their Champions League play-off path in Cluj on Tuesday. “I believe we have the biggest chance to qualify now. This team is the strongest,” believes Slavia midfielder Tomáš Souček.

Slavia are in Cluj

On Sunday evening Slavia have landed in Romania for the UCl play-off first round against CFR Cluj.

Goals in second half secure victory over Dynamo

před 3 dny
Slavia defeated Dynamo České Budějovice away 3-0 thanks to goals by Stanciu, Olayinka and Škoda.

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