Letná: looted! Slavia wins MOL Cup on rival´s turf!

Finále, We 3.5.2023, epet ARENA
Finále, We 3.5.2023, epet ARENA
Sparta - Slavia
Goals: - 60. Douděra, 64. Panák vl.
Slavia celebrate MOL Cup glory after 2-0 win against the main rival as Jindřich Trpišovský gets his fourth cup with the club.

Long-awaited 2022/2023 MOL Cup final promised a spectacular clash of rivals. Slavia and Sparta made their way to the head-to-head domestic cup final after 21 years to test each other against the thoughest current possible opponent as the teams occupy 1st and 2nd place in the league table before the league play-off.

Slavia head-coach Jindřich Trpišovský returned Matěj Jurásek and David Jurásek into the starting line-up as well as Ibrahim Traoré, who started in the midfield. On the other hand, the managerial staff couldn’t rely on Peter Olayinka, Lukáš Masopust, Petr Hronek, Ewerton and Petr Ševčík due to injuries.

Fans fired up the stadium with incredible atmosphere from the very start and could witness first goal as early as in 5th minute with two quickly consecutive opportunities for Václav Jurečka. First, he found himself some space in the box and unleashed a powerful low shot to be denied by Kovář. Minutes later, Krejčí’s backpass was intercepted once again by Václav Jurečka, but Slavia #15 failed to get past Vitík in the box and didn’t Kovář this time.

The Red-Whites were active and kept on producing potentially goal-scoring opportunities. In the 15th minute, David Jurásek unleashed a thunderbolt with his left foot from tight angle. Ten minutes later Ibrahim Traoré wasted a massive opportunity from inside of the box after initial shot by Matěj Jurásek was blocked. Kovář put both chances to end with fine stops. Despite Slavia being more active side, the first half ended goalless.

Soon after the break, Lukáš Provod and Christos Zafeiris came on as Slavia pursued first goal of the final and the wanted effect was delivered very soon after. In the 59 minute, Sparta failed to clear the corner, ball dropped into the path of David Douděra who hit it as sweet as one possibly can with his outside of his foot a found the top corner – 1:0 for Slavia!

The Red-Whites kept on pushing and could have doubled the lead only seconds later with Václav Jurečka missing from close range. But niether he nor the rest of the team didn’t have to think about that one for long. In the 64th minute, David Douděra found himself some space on the edge of the box and produced a havoc in Sparta’s box. Two defenders chlashed into each other and Panák headed the ball into into his own net – 2:0!

As the final was coming to its conclusion, Stanislav Tecl, Jakub Hromada and Ondřej Lingr came on. Sparta failed to equalize or produce longer offensive pressure on Slavia defenders. Thus, the final ended 2:0 with Slavia as a cup winner!

Ladies and gentleman, Slavia Prague – MOL Cup winners 2022/23! It’s also worth mentioning that it’s already Jindřich Trpišovský’s fourth MOL Cup as Slavia coach, out of four finals played!




Kovář – Panák, Vitík (80. Pavelka), Krejčí ml. – Wiesner (80. Goljan), Kairinen, Sadílek (68. Laci), Zelený (68. Højer) – Karabec, Kuchta, Haraslín


Kolář – Holeš, Ogbu, Jurásek D. (86. Hromada) – Douděra, Oscar, Traoré (54. Zafeiris), Schranz (86. Lingr) – Jurásek M. (54. Provod), Jurečka – Van Buren (80. Tecl)


- 60. Douděra, 64. Panák vl.
Yellow cards
Kuchta, Krejčí ml., Højer - Oscar, van Buren
Černý – Nádvorník, Hájek



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