Partner clubs

The partner clubs project draws on the system proven in neighbouring countries and perfectly integrates into our talent development project. It plays an important role in widening the scouting pool as well as increasing the scouting quality that is so important for youth players.

The core idea is to build a solid and comprehensive youth foundation through centralising young players in Slavia and its partner clubs. Player development is always highly individual not only in terms of biological development but especially in terms of mental advancement. There are some players who require extra experience before they are ready to join Slavia and that is why it is important to all parties that the player develop in a partner club and join Slavia at the right time.

The collaboration relies on mutual communication and cooperation between the coaches of SK Slavia Praha and its partner clubs in order to produce a unified player development methodology. That is why we offer and organise coaching workshops and internships in Slavia.

To keep in touch with players involved with our partner clubs, we regularly organise partner club tournaments. The best partner club players are still allowed to attend regular training sessions at Slavia in addition to the experience gained at our partner club.

We strive to be the best and we strive to work with you in order to help you to reach your full potential. Just like our club motto states: “Together we are stronger!”